Cathy Doll AA Cream Review: Pass or Buy?

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It's been a very long while since I last wrote anything on this block, so here is another review for all beauty junkies out there. This post is about Cathy Doll's AA Cream, where the AA is believed to stand for "Automatic Aura."

Cathy Doll AA Cream
This is how the sachet pack looks, this costs less than P100
  Aura is, correct me if I am wrong, informally a term used by pinoys to refer to one's appeal or state of being beautiful. So in my own understanding, this AA Cream from Cathy doll is a product that promises to give instant "ganda" or something that glams you up instantly.

Disclaimer: I am not a make up guru. I am just someone who likes to use make up every now and then.

Before I commit anymore mistakes let's get technical. This product is a facial cream that is suitable for any skin type. So for those with oily skin, this should be okay. Right! It is still up to the person to like this cream or no anyway.

Needless to say it's a cream meant to provide full coverage, with a light and not greasy feel while it promises to get rid of blemishes and scars or wrinkles with continued use. It provides a cooling sensation while giving the skin the moisture that it deserves.

To live up to the AA identity that it carries this cream promised to deliver these benefits: Automatic Aura, Anti Aging and Anti-Acne.

Cathy Doll AA Cream

It's available in two shades: Light Beige and Natural Beige. Light beige shade works well for my skin tone. Yay!

Cathy Doll AA Cream

Take note: Do not be misled into thinking that this is a Korean product because when you see Korean writings all over. Cathy Doll is a Korean Inspired brand from Thailand.

I know that there is a full-sized version (50ML) out there that sells for more or less P650 pesos, but that is hard to find here in Bacolod City. The one that Watsons sells is just the little pack that has a nozzle at the top side that you can open and close with a tiny screw cap. The sachet sells for, I forgot, around P50 pesos.

Cathy Doll AA Cream

So what is to like about this AA Cream from Cathy Doll? I basic things that I like about this product are the following:

  • It is CRUELTY FREE. 
  • Since it is in sachet form, you can easily bring it anywhere.
  • The sachet is affordable and can last up to a week or two, unless you apply a heavy amount of cream on your face each time.
  • It's formula matches Asian skin.
Personally thoughts...

Speaking from experience, it provides medium coverage that corrects your skin tone. It helps cover minor blemishes, redness, uneven patches and it gives your face that "fresh look" that last a long time . I love that it does not feel or look greasy. It is also comfortable to wear even on a hot day and it does not easily cake or oxide--at least for my type of skin. Best of all, this product provides SPF 45, easily absorbed by the skin and it seems sweat proof. 

I think it is buildable but I personally prefer to leave my face with just a single thin coating of the cream. Just be sure to blend it well. But even with a thin layer, the coverage is medium that is definitely good to go.

I wish the full sized version--that cute little bright pink and blue-green type is easy to come by in the provincial areas --but this is not a big deal. Moving on...while it does not contain any strong scent, it smells like a medicated ointment but don't worry, the smell is not disturbing. 

Does it whiten: Don't know but it give you that tone up effect.
Is it anti-acne - not exactly but is does not cause you to have more pimples.
Automatic Aura - YES! YES! YES!

I love this product and will definitely purchase again! If you want to try this product for yourself you head over to Lazada to buy the item.

If you enjoyed this page, you might want to check out my video (Tagalog).

Thanks for dropping by. Until the next post. :)

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