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It has been a while and I really feel bad for having not written anything since my last post. But, here I am again, back with a review of another glutathione supplement -- GLUTA PILLS! This time, this post is about KB GLUTATHIONE WITH  NAC and ROSEHIPS.


Before I continue, if you are not into skin care with the use of supplements like this, you may look away. Also take note that I know that glutathione is an anti-oxidant that helps make the body stronger and healthier. I know people say that one should think of this gluta as a liver or kidney cleanser and bla bla bla, but reality wise, most people simply think of it as a skin whitening product despite the fact that skin whitening effect is just a side effect. Regardless, let us continue...

Unlike the brands that I have tried before, this one is being marketed as a complete package. One box that is good for 30 days contains 30 500mg capsules of the Glutathione pill, and 30 500mg capsules of rosehips. Using this product does not call megadoses of vitamin C, read on to know more. 


Having said the above, this product is different as it is not exactly a glutathione supplement that most of us are aware of but rather a glutathione activator. The instructions where simple: you take one of each 10 mins before breakfast.

The white pill: Glutathione Activator

Think of this white baby as a glutathione activator as this every white pill contains 400mg of free form glutathione (Glutanac acid, Glycine, L-Cystine) and 100mg of NAC or N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This combination is supposed to help your body naturally raise glutathione levels on the inside not bombard your body with "artificially produced glutathione".

The orange pill: Rosehips

The each orange pill contains 500mg of pure rosehips, which is a powerful source of vitamin c and other vitamins. Rosehips is also an antioxidant that is popular for boosting the effects of glutathione while it helps repair or rejuvenate the skin.


So KB GLUTATHIONE WITH  NAC and ROSEHIPS promises the following benefits with continued use:
  • Anti Oxidant 
  • Glowing white skin 
  • Repair skin damage
  • Healthier hair
  • Encourage the body to produce more glutathione 
  • Decrease fats
Sounds good, doesn't it? So I took this product for 2 months, meaning I had consumed two boxes and here are the things I noticed. I noticed softer and less oily skin after 14 days of using it. Also, I felt more energized and I did not easily feel tired.


I did not notice any dramatic skin whitening results. I only felt like my skin seemed brighter, cleaner, more radiant but it did not look like my skin had whitened from the use of the product. I felt like I was glowing but if my skin had lightened I could not see it. At least, I felt more energetic and I had softer skin.

I purchased another box of this KB GLUTATHIONE WITH  NAC and ROSEHIPS hoping that I would probably see more results later. Still after two boxes no  dramatic skin whitening effects. The worst part, my hair started falling a lot more than normal. That was when I decided that it is not the product for me. 

Take note that this review is based on my personal experience. May people have claimed that this product is amazing and it is life changing. I can't say the same though.

Anyway, here are the pros:
  • This product is considerably cheap, PHP 1195 per box (one month supply)
  • I love the rosehips--as a source of vitamin C I was happy it did not cause me any stomach ache or upset stomach.
  • Glowing and less oily skin
  • No allergies
  • Approved by the Philippine FDA (Take note that this government unit warns against taking more than 500 mg of reduced glutathione per day)
  • This product does not encourage taking mega doses of glutathione
While the cons:
  • For me it was not effective as a skin whitening product
  • I experienced falling hair on my second month (I am not sure though that this from KB but when I stopped taking it, the falling hair also stopped.)
  • My nose and palate was always itchy.
But then again guys, this is just based on my personal experience. So if you have tried this product and it worked like magic on you, please comment below. If you want to try it, its up to you.

By the way, KB GLUTATHIONE WITH  NAC and ROSEHIPS or KB Glutathione  is also known as “Kyusoku Bihaku” or KB Glutanac Activator. Please watch my youtube videos below, thank you. :)


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