GT Bleaching Soap Review: YES? NO? Read to Find Out.

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With so many soaps out there that promise whiter and brighter skin, it has become a challenge to find the right one. Other people may have different criteria for choosing soaps, but for me the right bleaching soap must the one that is easy to come by, gives value for money and above all SAFE to use. Today, I am sharing about this particular soap that seem to fit into this category.

GT Bleaching Soap

This soap sells for P88 at Mercury Drug Store, and maybe in other major supermarkets and departments stores. It is a product by GT cosmetics, a company that is well knows for effective and affordable skin care and beauty products. I tried this soap to see if it would work for me.

Back to this GT Bleaching Soap:

One one of the side of the box reads, "Uses natural coco soap base with lemon extract that helps whiten skin naturally without side effects even when exposed to the sun. Contains vitamin C that gives skin a natural glowing feeling." 

Pretty promising, isn't it?

The two main ingredients are coconut oil and lemon. Lemon has always been known to have natural bleaching properties. The rest of the ingredients are: Potassium Aluminum Suflate, Cocamide Diethanolamine, Sodium Silicate, Fragrance. They all seem pretty safe so let's move on.

I am glad that this is wrapped in plastic. Soaps like this tend to melt and stick to the box when exposed to slight heat.

GT Bleaching Soap

Instruction were pretty clear, wet face or skin with luke warm water, work up a later on to your hand and use that lather on your skin. I am pretty sure that it is not meant to be applied directly onto skin especially the face. It also says that it must be left on for 1-2 minutes before you rinse. So, is it effective--I am getting there.

What are the pros of using this GT Bleaching Soap:

  1. It does not melt easily for as long as you put is on a soap dish that drains water well. This soap can last more than a month.
  2. It has a mild fragrance
  3. Pretty affordable - P88 pesos everyone!
  4. Coconut oil-based--which moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. It is none drying
  5. It did not give me skin allergies or irritation

And the cons:

Even if it is effective, I feel like there could be other soaps out there that can do better. Until then I am pretty much satisfied with GT Bleaching Soap.

A little reminder...

Of course, when you are using soaps like this or even not--always apply lotion with sunscreen. Long, constant sun exposure make using this soap useless.

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GT Bleaching Soap

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