Din Tai Fung's Famous Steamed Buns: My Own Experience with their Xiaolongbao

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I admit that SIOPAO is something I consider life's simple pleasures. I loved SIOPAO. For those who do not know what it is, it is a steamed bun that has a meaty stuffing--usually pork or chicken.

This post is about my very first encounter with Din Tai Fung's famous Xiaolongbao.

Din Tai Fung Famous Steamed Buns
The buns were perfectly made. Soft, warm, tasty. The filling was a surprise though.
Anyway, you know how people would share food pics and pages on Facebook? That is how I learned that there is this restaurant called DIN TAI FUNG that is known for their world famous xiaolongbao. 

Please do not hesitate to correct the probinsyana in me...but I have my own expectations of the steamed bun given my experience of SIOPAO buns--all shapes and sizes and stuffing--that are sold in many places here in Bacolod. 

Anyway, seeing DIN TAI FUNG's Facebook page, I told myself "That I have to try!" Unfortunately, they do not have a branch in Bacolod because of that, I did not bother anymore to check where DIN TAI FUNG is in Manila.


So when, my husband and I found the opportunity to go to Manila we were surprised that we found DIN TAI FUNG in SM Mega Mall. We were not hungry but one thing crossed our mind. Let's try the world famous xiaolongbao. At first we just wanted to order the bun for takeout but we decided to sit in and enjoy the buns there.

Okay...so here are the details and a little disclaimer...this is just a review of the xiaolongbao, not the restaurant, nor the other items on their menu. We did not order anything else because we wanted to eat lunch somewhere else.

The buns were served in three's in a wooden steamer for the price of P140 with each bun no bigger than the size of my palm. The smell was really good. Needless to say, we ordered two servings so that was a total of P280--not so bad but read on.

Din Tai Fung Famous Steamed Buns
My husband had already snatched one before I took a snap
What do I have to say about the steamed meat buns..?

The bun was PERFECT! Soft, pillowy, well-crafted. On the other hand, the stuffing reminds me of pot stickers. I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the steamed buns and it was nothing I expected. Overall, It was not so bad. 

I must also say that bun and the garlicky meat stuffing combination was a bit new to my taste buds, frankly, unexpected. Nevertheless, it was a good combination.

But if I were to choose between DIN TAI FUNG's xiaolongbao and the siopao I am always familiar with--Ahem, the siopao from City Lunch here in the Bacolod, I would choose the latter.

Now, about Din Tai Fung restaurant...

Like I said earlier, this post is only about the steamed buns, not the other items in their menu. I should however say something about the restaurant.

Din Tai Fung Famous Steamed Buns
Every unoccupied table was set up nicely with plates, chopsticks, condiments and etc.
The service was great. The waiters were very polite and attentive. They even offered this nice foldable and neat thing in which a diner can put their handbags or purses so they are out of the way. I really liked that part. Such ingenuity truly helps a customer enjoy the dining experience even more.

The place was clean and organized. At that time, the place was buzzling with customers but the restaurant did not feel crowded because it was spacious enough to accommodate a lot of people. So I would give 5 stars to how the restaurant was set up.

Let me end this article by saying that if we had more time in Manila we would definitely go back to Din Tai Fung at SM Mega Mall and try the other food items that they offer as they really look enticing and delicious. When I get that chance, I will update this post.

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