Vice Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

3:26 AM

When I first heard about Vice Cosmetics, it never really crossed my mind that it is a brand by the popular Filipino celebrity Vice Ganda. At first, I never paid any interest to the brand because I have been loyal to this other brand. But, because there has been some hype going on with these Vice products, I became curious.

I was at Watson looking for a lipstick. The makeup stand that showcased lipsticks from Vice was not hard to miss because of its signature pink theme. So I stopped by and the attendant told me to try the Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte lipstick.

I asked her, what such product offers and she told me that:
-It is long lasting
-Transfer proof
-It has a matte finish that makes it perfect for everyday wear

She basically told me the things that one normally looks for in a long lasting matte lip product. Then she added two things that got me convinced: It is PARABEN-FREE and PETA Certified Cruelty Free.

So for the price of Php195 I bought Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte lipstick in the shade of Hanash. Oh, the colors were so amazing. There were three other shades that I liked but I wanted to try one first and if it is worth the hype I will buy a couple more.

Vice Phenomenal Matte Liquid Lipstick

So is Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte lipstick a YAY or NAY?

Here are the things I like about this product:
-Very affordable. 
-It gives full coverage in just one swipe
-It dries fast
-very matte and transfer proof
-long wearing
-it does not smudge

I do not have anything particularly negative to say about this product so I am going to move on to my final verdict with some side notes, of course.

Moment of truth...

After trying Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte lipstick in Hanash, I am now convinced that I should buy the three other shades that I also like. This product is super worth the money and the hype. I like how rich the color is on my lips. True to its claim, it is transfer proof, so I can give my kids and husband a smack on their cheeks without leaving a mark. I can also drink my coffee without leaving a kiss mark on the cup.

I am not sure if being dry on the lips is such a bad thing, I have tried other liquid matte lipstick and it seems it seems kind of normal. Be sure to gently scrub your lips before putting this lipstick--or any brand--as lipsticks on dry chapped lips look yucky. 

I did a food test while wearing Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte lipstick and the product passed. Watch the video below if you want to. Just a note, the video is in TAGLISH.

Have you tried Vice Phenomenal Liquid Matte Lipstick? What shade are you using? Share your thoughts...

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