Lord Byron's Backribs: Still the best in the City

4:26 AM

This post is super late but I really have to tell you, dear readers, about this restaurant that serves the best backribs in the city.

I am talking about none other than Lord Byron's Backribs. The first time I tried their amazing, mouthwatering, cooked-to-perfection Baby Back Ribs was at the branch across the famous Riverside hospital.

I have tried other versions in other restaurants but nothing can compare to the soft and juicy with a "sarap-to-the-bone, melts-in-your-mouth" backribs experience that only Lord Byron's Backribs offers. The best part is that they are consistent with their recipe so it is the same good back ribs whether you go to the first branch or the one behind Luxur Bacolod. What can I say?--Nothing is as good as Lord Byron's Backribs.

Okay, I know what you are thinking, so let me stop you there. THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED post and I am not a FOOD BLOGGER. :) I am a lifestyle blogger--*wink, wink*--who has a very adventurous palate. Now where did that come from?

Anyway, I am not exaggerating, but there are only two ways I enjoy baby back ribs. One is when I cook back ribs myself but it takes a lot of hard work for me so that rarely happens. Two, and the best way, is that I simply go to one of Lord Byron's branches and enjoy a plate of that scrumptious dish.

Let me show you the one and only picture I took the last time I ate there.

For Php 159, Byron's Backribs is served with Garlic Rice topped with Fried Garlic and Atchara. Mouthwatering, isn't it?

There are two branches of Lord Byron's Backribs in the city. I have visited the one near the hospital a couple of times, while I was only went to the other branch just once. They also serve other Bacoleño favorites like cansi and sisig, but it's their back ribs that you should never miss.

And there is something important that I need to tell all of you...

Or should I say a heads up to all of you. There are two places--the store at HOMEGROWN (across Bob's Lacson) and the one that newly opened at SM--that spell something like "Byron's Backribs" on their shop signs. Those places may also, at the time of writing, bear the same logo. But please be aware that those places are not related to the Lord Byron's Backribs that I am talking about in this post. Also, the one at Homesite, belongs to a different management.

So to avoid any more confusion here are the official branches in Bacolod City:

Magsaysay Avenue
(behind the Luxur Place Hotel)
Contact # – 034 4312411/ 09334885366

San Agustin St. – Bs Aquino Drive
(beside the Riverside Hospital)
Contact # – 034 2138499

Other places:
courtesy of Lord Byron's Backribs
You can also check out their Facebook page for more information: 


I hope to see you there on my next visit. In the mean time feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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