SlipTalk Bistro: A New And Cozy Place For Chillin'

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If you are looking for a nice place to relax, dine or have a bucket of beer--or two--with your significant other (or friends) then this might be a great place for you.

Every now and then, my husband and I would have a "chill" night either just the two of us or with a friend or friends...I need not explain. Typically, the long night would start in a restaurant where we can eat and have the first round of drinks. So, for this post, I will be talking about our recent experience in this new bistro in the city of Bacolod.

Located on the second floor of Hi-Strip 5, that is in front of Panasiatic Building, SlipTalk Bistro has a nice and cozy, contemporary semi-industrial atmosphere.

If you prefer a good view of the rest of the Hi-Strip building (and the long line of big trucks carrying tons of sugar cane that drive by from time to time) then you can choose one of the tables at the balcony. On a more serious note, the outside area is great at night time when the air is cooler.

On the other hand, if dining in a cooler environment is what you are after, then you can choose to be seated inside. If you are lucky, you have three choices: there is a high table with high bar chairs by the glass panels near the entrance, there are a couple of tables on one side where there is long built in bench by the wall and at the opposite side are tables with individual chairs. Regardless of where you choose to be,  the tables and chairs are arranged neatly with enough spaces around them. If you want to know---for us, the bigger the table the better.

SlipTalk Bistro

Pardon the mobile phone pics. For a better view, here is a picture from their Facebook page.

Moving on, the menu has a great selection of affordable meals. In fact, it took a while for me to make up my mind.

Between the time the owner took our order and when the food was finally on our table, I must say, the wait time was a quite long. It was a good thing that we were preoccupied with talks about this and that. But, I guess the wait time was forgivable considering that they had newly opened. The bistro was only 3-days old when we visited. I am sure that they had noted this already.

When food finally came, the wait was worth it. The serving was very generous, generally speaking, and very tasty. I like the way they arranged the food items over clean wooden chopping boards. Well I guess food on wooden boards is the trend these days because I see that style in a lot of place. I should say, though, that they had a unique way of arranging meat and rice and the condiments so you have to give SlipTalk Bistro KUDOS for that!

My husband and his friend ordered steak, or was it some ribs...oh well, here is the picture.

SlipTalk Bistro

I went for the Bangus (milk fish) sisig and was happy that I did. I was really surprised with how it was presented. The chef had spooned the fish meat out of the its fried skin, tossed it around in a hot pan with spices and other ingredients before putting it back on. The sisig looked cute with the two calamansi on the fish head, where the eyes are. I must say, though, that my order took the longest time to arrive. Other than that, I can't complain. Boy, it was very delicious!

SlipTalk Bistro

Of course, because this is not really a restaurant review I did not take a lot of pictures. So, I am just going to embed another picture from their Facebook page:

We concluded our visit with a round, or two, of beers. Along with the bucket, they gave us mugs and ice. It made my hubby a happy camper.

SlipTalk Bistro

I am really counting on them to make their food prep time a bit shorter, but other than that their food was served in generous portions that are very delicious and affordable.  I can't say much about the alcoholic drinks that they serve because it isn't really different from what other bistros offer, but the place was clean with a nice and classy ambience so it is a must-go. 

Let me end this post by saying that SlipTalk Bistro is a good place to hang out with your partner or with friends. It is also a walking distance to other watering holes in the area if bar hopping is kind of your thing.

If you ask me, I definitely would go back to SlipTalk Bistro

See you again on my next post.

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