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I am going to start off by saying that if skin whitening is not your thing, then please look away. This article will talk about a skin bleaching product that I have recently tried.

Please take note that the results of using this product may also depend on your skin condition and your skin type so please remember that this is based on my own experience.

I have nothing against dark skin. I personally think that any skin color is beautiful. However, for me, I want to have a fairer, brighter and whiter skin. I cannot say that all Filipinas are addicted into getting a whiter complexion but for me, it is my personal desire to look whiter and more flawless.

If you have been following me on this blog, then you know that I have been taking glutathione pills. The good thing is that I am a shade or two lighter now with one slight problem. My legs seem to be the most stubborn parts of my body where the whitening effect of the master oxidant is having a real hard time. As for my face, it is in the shade that I want it to be.

So for my legs, I thought about bleaching it, to help it "catch up." While I was researching on how to bleach legs at home, I saw this product called GLAMOUR SKIN BLEACHING CREAM. It is a popular product sold by the same maker of this other bleach called NAVARRO's bleach. I will state my reasons for going for the former in the later parts of the article.

The product looks promising with all the reviews, the positive comments and the before-and-after pictures that, I have got to admit, looks to good to be true. So I bought it from a local distributor for P750. I am sure it is cheaper to buy it online but, with shipping cost, I thought you really would not be saving much unless you are buying it wholesale.

I was very excited, I thought that this product would give me whiter legs in seven days. In fact, they also have this so called "seven-day challenge" going on. And I was told by the lady who was selling it that the product is safe and effective and that it is DTI and FDA-approved.

Before I give you my final say on GLAMOUR SKIN BLEACHING CREAM let me tell you a bit about it.

So the product comes in a 300 g tub with labels printed with flowers. The lavender and the blue hues makes is look premium. The bleach ingredients, which are indicated on the side, are as follows:

deionized aqua
titanium dioxide
kojic acid
propelene glycol
lactic acid

The product also suggested that you do a patch test. So, if  you are allergic to it then you can forget it.

Furthermore, instructions say that you need to apply an ample amount of the bleach on target areas and leave it on 30-60 mins. It also suggested that you use it along with their whitening and quite expensive other products. Lastly, it said that you can use it as often as you want to achieve desired results.

The reason that made me buy this product was that it claims that it is super gentle even on sensitive skin. The lady was proud to say that there will be no stinging or itching sensation (except when there is a break in your skin) even if you leave it for more than 60 minutes. She also said that some people would leave it for 4 hours...SERIOUSLY?! Bleach on your skin for four hours.

Yet, I used it anyway. There was a time when I left it on for two hours and I am glad to say my skin did not fall apart. By the way, because I did not like to apply the product with my bare hands, I used an applicator that I got from a hair removing product.

Oh well, true to its claim. It felt gentle on the skin. There was no stinging, no itching, no discomfort and it had a mild floral scent. Unfortunately, it did not meet my expectations. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the highest, I would rate this product 1 because it is not as effective as the makers claim it to be.

I don't know if there are those who have the same experience but for me, it was a total waste of MOOLA. GLAMOUR SKIN BLEACHING CREAM did not deliver the results that you see on Facebook.

On my first day, I left it for 30 minutes when I rinsed it I was fooled to think the skin was whiter because it was super soft and a bit shiny but when the skin has dried its back to what it is before the product was applied. To be fair, I told myself may I should use it for 2-5 more times before seeing results.

I ended up feeling disappointed after seven days because I saw very minimal results. My legs was a bit lighter but I would have achieved the same results with a Kojic Acid soap that sells for only P150.

What a total waste of money. I threw away P700 for nothing. *sob* *sob*

To be a bit fair, let us say that the one I bought was fake or was past its shelf life. Or, maybe, poor handling made it ineffective. But you ask me if I would buy it again, HELL NO!

I would love to hear the thoughts of those who have tried GLAMOUR SKIN BLEACHING CREAM. Did it work on you? NO? YES? 

If you speak TAGALOG, you can also watch my video about GLAMOUR SKIN BLEACHING CREAM.

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