Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 Review

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Okay, now, I admit that I am so into skin whitening lately. I just woke up one day and I decided I want to whiten my morena skin, a desire that is so common among Filipinos. I have nothing against those who are not into skin whitening or those who are happy being morena but I choose to grab the opportunity to become whiter.

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While shopping online for an affordable Glutathione Supplement, Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 was love at first sight for two reasons: 
  • It is only Php 990 per bottle of 60 capsules
  • It has plenty of positive reviews.
Without hesitation I purchased one bottle and hoped that it would lighten my skin in no time.

About the product...the labels say that Relumins is from a US Lab. It has 60 vegetarian capsules and that it claims to help you achieve and sustain maximum levels of Glutathione in the body.

And...directions say that you take 2 capsules daily. Since a lot of people were taking capsule 30 minutes before breakfast, and another capsule after dinner, I decided to do the same. And like most people, I take every capsule with a tablet of vitamin C that has twice the amount of glutathione.

Now, here is something that people need to understand about this glutathione supplement from Relumins. Many users think that one capsule contains 1000mg of the glutathione complex. However, let me emphasize that, according to the bottle, the recommended serving size is 2 capsules and that 2 capsules together contain that 1000mg of glutathione complex.

In other words, 2 tablets of Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 = 1000 mg of the glutathione complex.

Confused? I had that misconception too until I got the product and I was able to read the labels over and over again.
Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 Review

The breakdown is as follows:
Reduced L-Glutathione     675mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid    200mg
Rose Hips 125 mg


Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 Review

I need not stress that it is the Reduced L-Glutathione ingredient that is supposed to make you whiter as itis the reason why people take it in the first place.

But I would like to say that glutathione is composed of 3 amino acids that help inhibit melanin production, thus eventually lightening the skin. But take note that such result is just a side effect. Glutathione is actually an antioxidant that helps keeps the cells in the body healthy.

Next, Alpha Lipoic Acid is said to be a co factor of glutathione. It is believed that ALA, while being an antioxidant itself, "recycles" glutathione in the body.
Then, rose hips are from roses--the seed pods--and they are excellent sources of vitamin C and, as everybody knows it, vitamin C prevents the oxidation of glutathione so that it is absorbed by the body.


Needless to say, I finished one whole bottle. And my thoughts... Drumroll please...

Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 Review

  • I was glowing just days after I started taking Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000
  • My skin became a shade lighter after 1 week
  • I experienced no diarrhea, no stomachache, heartburns, no food cravings, no palpitations
  • Very affordable at P990 per bottle that is good for 1 month use.
  • The rotten egg smell is not that repulsive.
Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 ReviewUNFORTUNATELY:
  • It may not be strong enough as its effectiveness might be reduced by other medicine. I could not see anymore skin whitening effects on my 3rd and 4th week and that was maybe because I was taking antibiotics and pain killers due to toothache.
  • I think there are other brands that can render faster and better results.
    I think I will purchase Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000 again in the future but at the moment I just want a brand that can make my skin become whiter faster.

    Oh, I tried this brand called Royale L-Gluta Power 700 if you want to read about that please click this link:Product Review: Royale L-Gluta Power 700 Glutathione Capsules

    Please watch my review video here (TAGALOG):

    Interested with Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta-1000? You can get it from Lazada and the best part is that there are No-Sign Ups needed. You can even take advantage of their Express Delivery service. With Lazada, buying things online is now very easy and hassle-free.

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    1. I purchased 1 bottle of relumins 1000 thru the link provided. Hoping for great results!! Thank you for the informations provided. 😊

    2. Hello po Ms. Ralin, ask ko lang po ok po bang mag take ng 2 capsule ng relumins at vitamins C 2 caps in the morning pag gising? thanks in advance

    3. Your skin looks whiter on the last photo. :) Which one do you like most out of the 3 that you’ve tried? And Other than taking oral glutathione, are you also doing other ways of whitening your skin?

    4. hello po. nagtry po ako magtake ng relumins gluta 1000..pero after ko po magtake ng capsule..medyo nahihilo po ako at saka parang napapago dpo ung katawan ko. mawawala lng po ba yan after ilang days or isastop ko na po magtake?1st day ko pa lang po ngayon.

    5. Stumbled with this blog hoping to see some experience the same with mine. And yeah, fortunately after 2 weeks of taking this gluta my skin was more brighter and glowing but aftr a month and currently on my 2nd bottle , i haven't seen any changes at all. Parang d na sia effective ewan ko. 😣

    6. Currently on my 3rd week of taking this but i have yet to see any changes so far. :(


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