Product Review: Royale L-Gluta Power 700 Glutathione Capsules

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As previously mentioned I will deliver an honest review of Royale's L-Gluta Power 700. This review is long overdue because I have been very busy experimenting with a whole new project which I will also be revealing later.

What is Glutathione?

Before I talk about Royale's glutathione capsules, let's briefly get to know what glutathione is.  Glutathione is produced naturally by the liver and is considered as a master antioxidant.  This compound is capable of so many health benefits. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why glutathione in the human body becomes deficient. That is why many people resort to taking supplements that contain glutathione.  The skin whitening results you get from taking these capsules is actually just a side effect. 

I am not in the position to mention all those benefits so I will mention only the things I expect to get from taking glutathione.Those benefits are:

  • Anti-aging
  • Stress management
  • Healthier liver
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Skin Whitening
I am not going to lie so I will honestly say the biggest reason why I decided to take glutathione capsules is Skin Whitening.  Initially, that was my only reason. I am glad to have learned along the way that glutathione has many wonderful effects to the body.

So what is L-Gluta Power 700?

This is a the Glutathione supplement distributed by Royale, Filipino-owned corporation that sells high quality health and wellness product, so says their website.

One bottle of L-Gluta Power 700 contains 30 capsules and each capsule has 500mg of L Glutathione in reduced form. One capsule also contains 100 mg of Vitamin E and 100mg of Grapeseed Extract.

The bottle says that as a health supplement, one capsule a day is enough. If you, however, want to achieve whiter and fairer skin faster then you need to take 2 capsules per day.


I took one capsule a day with 2 tablets of vitamin C (500mg each tablet) and 1 gel capsule of vitamin E. Why? I just followed what others usually do. Even if Royale's glutathione supplement is formulated with vitamin c I took separate tablets of vitamin c anyway.

Glutathione oxidizes quickly that is why you need to take vitamin c. Ascorbic acid, helps ensure that the body absorbs glutathione.

With only one capsule per day:
  1. My skin became brighter
  2. I noticed better sleep
  3. I started to feel less stressed
  4. My skin was softer
  5. I felt like I was blooming
  6. No whitening effect seen yet


Because I was interested in becoming fairer and whiter in less amount of time, I decided to take two capsules per day. I also had to up the dosage of my vitamin c intake.

For a couple of days, I had slight diarrhea. I also had a few pimple breakouts but they were not so bad.

The good news is that my husband noticed that my skin got lighter indeed. My skin was super soft to touch and I was having that nice and subtle glow. The scars on some parts of my body also started to fade.

Well to make the long story short. IT WORKS and you can just imagine how nice it would be to continuously take this glutathione supplement from Royale.

What I like about Royale's L-Gluta Power 700

It is effective. It is safe to use. It has a slight rotten egg smell but after taking it there is no after-taste. No headaches or upset stomach, but I did felt slight diarrhea a few days after doubling the dosage. It was just probably my body trying to adjust.

The only thing I do not like about it...

It is quite expensive. Other than that I have nothing negative to say about L-Gluta Power 700 from Royale. I will definitely purchase this product again if I have more moola.

I switched to a cheaper brand and I will tell you soon about it.

This is me after one bottle of Royale (With a little BB cream, eye makeup and lipstick)

If you want to read about how, why and when I started taking glutathione capsules, please follow this link.

And I am excited to tell you guys that I just started my YouTube channel. I am taking baby steps to be on YouTube so please support me on that platform as you have supported my blog. Watch my review below. :)

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