Product Review: CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane (Result on Platinum Blonde Hair)

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In search of hair treatment that can rescue my bleached platinum hair from continuous breakage, I came across this product at Watson's in an SM Mall. The name is CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane. So this article is a review and a sort of a DIY Cellophane Treatment

Disclaimer: I am not a hairstylist and this article is based on my experience with the mentioned product. Results may vary from one person to person. Also this is not a sponsored post or a paid review. However the page contains affiliate links which cost you nothing but if you click and buy it would help me a lot.

Moving on...

I immediately thought if this was the same cellophane treatment that you get at salon at a price that ranges from Php 500-1000+ depending on the brand they use and the length of your hair. A cellophane treatment is basically a semi-permanent color treatment that seals hair cuticle with clear glossing agents. It does not change your hair color nor does it use oxidizers to deposit color to your hair. 

It makes the hair shinier and smoother. The treatment lasts for about a month depending on how frequently you wash your hair.

It came across my mind that if I seal my hair follicles, it would not break easily...haha trying to sound funny...(sarcasm). I don't think I am right about that. Anyway because it does not require a developer, I thought no harm will be done.

Furthermore more I have been contemplating on going back to darker hair but I did not want to go from blonde to black in one application. I have been thinking about dying my roots a shade darker to ease the transition. Well, I wanted to try something darker than what my hair is at the moment. 

And because it is only a cellophane treatment and that it is just a semi permanent color, it would just wash out eventually in case I did not like the results. 

CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane

Anyway at the store, CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane was available in four colors: Light Brown, Ash Brown, Medium Brown and Chestnut Brown. I bought the the shade in Light Brown thinking that the result would be a darker blonde
CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane

The Contents of the Box:

The box contained 1 125g tube of the cellophane treatment
A disposable plastic cap
A pair of gloves

CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane


The instructions were very simple to understand. So, it is something that you can do by yourself. So you can call this a DIY Cellophane Treatment. Take note that there is no premixing required. Pretty neat, huh?

The instructions according to the product labels:
  1. Shampoo hair and towel excess water
  2. Apply and cover all of your hair with the cellophane treatment 
  3. Wrap the hair in a moist towel or use the shower cap that came in the box
  4. Leave the product for about 45 min
  5. Rinse until water is clear
  6. Style as desired
CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane
The product is in cream form but a little runny
During application. The product as orange on my hair. I immediately got a bad feeling but I waited for 45 min anyway

And my opinion... Ta tada da...

I must admit that the only thing I like about it is that it is affordable. I cannot remember how much it was but it was less than Php 300. I also like the fact that because it has no peroxide, there was completely no sting, no burn, no irritation while the treatment was on my head. I also like the fact that it was easy to rinse off. Of course it made my hair look and feel smoother and shinier.

CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane

The bad part

Wrong choice of color. It did not turn out nice on my hair. My hair was literally YELLOW! Not golden blonde or dark blonde but YELLOW! I was terrified.  I am not going to blame this CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane, though. would have been better had I chosen a different share, say Ash Brown? The lemonade-y color washed out in a week--THANK GOD!

CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane

Take note that this is just my personal experience with CASA Quick & Easy Cellophane. Some write ups that you see online are very positive so it probably is a case to case basis. In my situation, this shade did not work well with my very light hair.

What do you think of my Goldilocks head? Please share your opinion down below. Stay tuned for more hair adventures from me.

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  1. You did a great job. You really colored your hair so well. You looks so beautiful in your new hair color.

  2. this is the first time I heard about cellophane colouring... but the results look great and you look even more gorgeous then before...

  3. you look good actually, maybe you just dont like it. Perhaps it don't turn good in to you. Let's try the ash brown! looking forward on the review!!


  4. ooo, i do think the "yellow" looks okay, and it's nice on you. Interesting review too.

  5. and there i thought cellophane is only for stationery... awesome colour there!

  6. Actually, the yellow didn't look too bad. I think it's just personal preference. Besides, you started off with already coloured hair. Thankfully you needed to wait just a week to wash off. LOL

  7. I think this yellow color looks great on you. It is shiny and nice.

  8. Never heard of this brand before. I prefer the hair colour of you in the before picture compare to after though. It suits you more 🙈

  9. good thing it washed off in a week. The resulting color does not look that bad though. Maybe you should try a darker color.

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