Glutathione Pills: Will It Work For Me?

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I can't believe it. I am hopping on this skin whitening bandwagon. Anyhow, this is my first time to take glutathione food supplements and I will be documenting my progess--if there is any--week after week.

Okay! So I am giving you guys a break from all the hair bleaching, hair coloring stuff that I always talk about. And now here I am...I am taking glutathione capsules.

It never really occurred to me that I would one day be bothered by my brown skin. Why do I want to have fairer skin? Honestly, I do not want to be as white as a celebrity. I just want to have a fairer skin for the following reasons:
  • I want to look younger because I am already thirty somthing--duh!
  • I want to look less tired--yeah 10 years of not getting enough sleep will take its toll on you
  • I want to look and feel better
Basically, I am doing this because I want to and I want to see if it works. I think this experience is worth sharing because I want to be as real and truthful as I can be for the benefit of those who share the same sentiment.

Before I continue...This is not a paid post. The I am not reviewing the brand of the glutathione supplement that is featured in this post. I just want to see if glutathione pills will have any effect on my brown (morena) skin. Yes! For 30+ years I am morena...I was born morena. And the more I spend time in the sun the darker I get and a whole lot more.

Other than that, I have freckles, I have fine lines...I have uneven skin tone and the list is long. In short I do not have a fair skin. *sigh* One of the contributing factors is my lifestyle. I do not get enough sleep because I have to juggle being a mom of 3 kids, being a wife and working from home. I must also mention that I very seldom drink but I used to be a smoker.

To make the long story short, I have not been taking care of my skin for the last decade and to be honest the thing that is going in my mind right now is that: Can Glutathione Pills reverse ten-years worth of sun damage?

I feel optimistic, to tell you the truth. This master antioxidant sounds very promising based on the countless YouTube video and blogs that I have watched or read. But will glutathione work on me? I have yet to find out.

Glutathione Pills: Will It Work For Me?

So I did my research. There are so many brands, all with the same promise: Detox, healthier body, better skin, whiter skin and stronger immune system...the list is long.

Of the many brands, I ended up with Royale's L Gluta Power 700. This is my very first bottle of Glutathione Capsules. I bought it from my cousin in-law who distributes Royale products here is Bacolod

About Royale Gluta Power 700?

1 Capsule contains:

L-Glutathione (reduced) 500mg
Vitamin C 100mg
Grape Seed Extract 100mg

Royale's L Gluta Power 700

Because this is not a review of this particular brand I am not going to discuss anything particular about it. I probably will write a review about this product after 1 month.

How to Take:

For detox--you need to take only 1 capsule per day
For skin whitening--you need to take two capsules per day

I have decided to take only one capsule per day. I am currently taking it with two tablets of vitamin C every morning because to make Gluta pills effective you need to take vitamin C that is 2x the amount of glutathione. At night, I take 1 gel capsule of Vitamin E because according to experienced glutathione users, vit E recycles glutathione not to mention that it is good for the skin. 

And the following are sort of my 'before' photos:

Before glutathione
uneven skin tone, large pores, fine lines, pimple scars

Before glutathione
Will there be any improvements after 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?
 And I will deliver you guys an update after 1 week...Until then?

Oh you might want to check this very amateur video I made. LOL!

What brand is most effective. I would love to see your comments and suggestions below.

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