Silver Hair? Yes! With Wella Color Charm T14

8:10 PM

It appears to be the latest trend now. People are transforming their hair into silver even way before their time.

I have been changing hair colors almost every month. Don't worry, i use those gentle fashion colors or toners that wash out after a couple of weeks or unless I bleach wash it. Anyway, now I got silver hair. Actually I really did not intend to have silver hair--at least not yet. However, I accidentally ended up with the silver or the granny look after using Wella Color Charm T14.

The box for Wella Color Charm T14, used to be called Silver Lady, says "Pale Ash Blonde." I decided to get it because it has a blue-violet base that should neutralize both the pale yellow and the dark yellow strands of my bleached hair. I initially wanted to get Wella Color Charm T18, because I was hoping for an icy white platinum blonde result. But with T18 you need to have a very even, Level 10 bleached hair if you want a spotless white blonde hair. Otherwise, it will not work on orange-y strands or dark yellow strands (the uneven results you normally get when you bleach your own hair), it might tone those yellow strands but it will be a bit darker.

And because I had noticeable yellow strands, I ended up getting T14 instead. This is actually the second time I used T14. The first time I did it, I ended up with a very nice ash blond hair that was close to platinum. That time, I left it for about 30 minutes. That convinced me to use T14 next time instead of T18.

On my second time with this toner that was formerly called Silver Lady, I left it on my hair for a bit longer than 30 minutes (time flies by so quickly when you are doing chores while waiting for the toner to work its magic on your head). The toner had turned very dark gray on the top of my head, so after I washed it out, VIOLA! Granny Hair! No wonder they used to call Wella Color Charm T14 Silver Lady.

Wella Color Charm T14 Toner
Because I have short hair, I used only half of this toner and 2 parts 6% or 20 vol. developer. This tone will work only on level 8-10 bleached hair. I am not sure that it will do anything to level 7 or darker

Here is the before and after photos:

Wella Color Charm T14 Toner Before and After

Also, take note that even if this toner says "Permanent" in my own experience it fades gradually after some time, but not as fast as the way semi-permanent toners/dyes do. You also need to use purple/silver shampoo to keep you silver or platinum hair from turning brassy.

 My first experience with Wella T14:

Silver Hair Pinterest

If you want to read about my results with Wella Color Charm T18, click HERE. I also tried having purple hair, it was great for some time but I am not doing it again, click HERE to know why.

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  1. In your "before" photo, is that some pink left over from your purple experiment?? With the T14 toner did the pink vanish completely or did it stay and make an "opal" look? (Which IS really trendy right now!! )

    1. the pink strands where leftovers by the DIY Toner experiment. I had to bleach wash those strands before I used Wella T14


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