Why I Will Never Ever Dye My Hair Purple EVER Again

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Having purple hair was  nice experience. Actually it was fun, but the fun part was only for a week and I swear not to ever color my hair purple ever again.

For a week, I must admit I had fun sporting the purple head. Wherever I go, strangers, most especially kids get mesmerized. Some kids would even walk up to me and say, "can I touch your hair?" Lol, I would let them, no harm done with that. But after a week, I got tired of the attention and seeing myself in the mirror with such hair. Even my husband said "WTF" when he first saw me with my purple do.

Remember that last time I bought Manic Panic Purple Haze with the intention to only use it as an additive to my shampoo, conditioner. Basically, it was for the purpose of making a DIY Hair Toner. Well it did not really work so well on my hair and I wrote about it on my previous post.

Take note: I am not blaming Manic Panic for it. Before, I continue, in fact Manic Panic is an awesome product. It is vegan, it is easy to apply and very gentle on the hair and scalp. I even wished I bought Virgin Snow instead. *SIGH* Unfortunately my hair was not very pleased with it. I have seen gorgeous fadeouts on Instagram and Facebook and I thought the same thing would happen to me.

For example, there is one person I know who used a purple semi-permanent hair day and it turned bright pink EVENLY after a couple of washes and then pastel pink...until her hair was back to white.

In my case it was different. After a couple of washes, the bottom part of my hair indeed faded but it was still purple, while nearly the upper half was like pink and lavender while at my hairline it was super brassy--I did not like it. When the colors on my head one day reminded me of this particular flower I decided that it was time to erase it.

How Manic Panic Purple Haze faded on my head
Looking like a flower, ey??? My hair after 3 weeks just before I decided to do a bleach wash.

I had to go through a lot before that, let me show your these pictures to better illustrate what happened.

Right after using Manic Panic purple haze...Sorry for the bad lighting but t was already nighttime when I rinsed it out. I felt electrified seeing how beautiful the color was on my head.
Manic Panic Purple Haze

 After a couple of washes...I thought it was okay, maybe it would fade into silver...but it did not. LOL!

Manic Panic Purple Haze after One Week

After a week I tried to erase the color using shampoo and baking soda. I know it takes a couple of times before such technique would fade the color out completely but after the first try my hair became so dry and frizzy at the ends I had to chop a few inches off of it.

Fading Out Fashion Hair Colors
Two days later, I was unhappy and added vitamin C in my shampoo...
Fading Out Purple Hair Fast
 Still unhappy, I decided to do a bleach wash after another week.
After Bleach Bathing Purple Dye Out of Hair

Blue plus red equals violet, right? From the things I read online, the cool tones (blue) washes out first so what was left was the red tones. and the faded red tones appear pink on my head. The bleach wash I did was made with only bleach powder and volume 20 developer and lots of shampoo. I know a higher vol developer would be more potent in stripping the color out but my hair has already sustained a lot of damage from previous bleaching as you can see...

So the reason why I am not dying my hair purple every again is this PINK color on my hair. It took the longest to fade...way too long. I tried another bleach wash with a stronger developer but that PINK would not budge. SOB! SOB! SOB! I hates it! So to cover it up, I ended up using box dye--NOT a TONER--in very light ash blonde and so far it worked. I will write about it on my next post.

If you want to read about what I did with Manic Panic Purple Haze a month earlier than this, click HERE. Or, if you want to know how I bleach bath my hair, click THIS.

Disclaimer: Please take note that obviously, I am not a hair professional. This is just me and my hair adventures or misadventures.

I hope you enjoyed reading. See you all on my next post.

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  1. The undertones are always the last to fade. This happens to me as well and I am a regular manic panic user. The purple haze is pinkish-red based so that's the color it leaves behind
    The ultra violet purple is blue based, so it fades blue. I definitely would try the virgin snow, I didnt like it because I was actually going for a bright look, but I've read really great things about it. So instead of doing the all over color and having it fade funky, I did 1/4 inch sections alternating purple haze, hot hot pink, rockabilly blue, and ultra violet. This gave my hair a unicorn/mermaid look and i love it! It does fade really fast, so i wash my hair in cool water and as it fades i add the same streaks of color, alternating days and colors. It gave it a more even fading. I hope this helps someone who reads this, because you are absolutely right, bright colors can be frustrating.


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