Manic Panic Purple Haze as DIY Hair Toner for Brassiness???

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Can conditioner + Manic Panic Purple Haze take out the brassiness on your hair?

I got overly excited when I finally received my Manic Panic Purple Haze in the mail. I did not intend to use it to have purple hair. Instead I just want to use it as an ingredient for a DIY purple shampoo, DIY purple conditioner and DIY hair toner.

Since I started bleaching my hair, it has been my goal to have perfect platinum white blonde hair or the silver granny hair. I was able to achieve that after getting my hair bleached to a level 10 (which obviously did not happen overnight given the fact that I had jet black hair) and Wella Color Charm T18 toner.

Well, having platinum white hair is actually a handful to maintain and brassiness will always hunt your or chase you, follow you like your own shadow. So I am always on the internet looking for ways to keep brassiness at bay. And whenever I search about how to deal with brassy hair, this DIY Toner with either Manic Panic Purple Haze or Ultraviolet would always come up on the the search results.

I have read a lot of stories about how it worked for them. I have seen a lot of before and after photos. I have also watched a number of YouTube videos showing you how to do it...To make the long story short, I got convinced that I should try it for myself.

I have tried food coloring but I saw minimal results...I have tried using a DIY toner made with cheap purple dye + conditioner and it works, but it does not give the white hair that I usually gives me something like ashy or wheat-like shade of blonde. So far only Wella Color Charm T18 worked for me, but before I realized that, I did experiment with a DIY Toner made with Manic Panic Purple Haze and conditioner.

Everybody on the internet seem to swear by this kind of combination and it does seem like it works for them. Unfortunately, the case quite different with my other words, it did not work so well for me. Read on.

Manic Panic Purple Haze as DIY Hair Toner for Brassiness
This little tub would go a long way if it worked for me.

My first attempt:

After I bleached my roots, I combined a generous amount of conditioner with a small dollop of the purple dye to get a lilac colored mixture (Just like what they would usually do on the internet--you know what I mean). I applied it on my hair starting on the ends and you can immediately see the purple pigments neutralizing the yellow or the brassiness within seconds. The ends of my hair appeared something like silvery-white my eyes widened with delight. However my excitement ceased minutes after I applied the mixture on the top of my head and my roots. 

Well, I was surprised that some of the strands of my hair instantly turned more purple than the rest as I painted the mixture on. Wella T18 does this while it sits on your head but it rinses out white afterwards so I thought the same thing was happening. But hell no! A few minutes later, the purple streaks started to turn to pale pink. And a few minutes more and it was like bright pink. I was like EEEK--What the hell?

So I rinsed it all out. I only kept the mixture on for like 20 minutes. Luckily, it somehow worked on the lower parts of my hair so I was at least happy about it, but I have violet and pink strands on the top parts of my head. Accidental pink and purple highlights. Oh well, I liked it anyway--for a short while--even if it was not what I wanted to happen.

2nd Attempt:

A couple of days later I began to hate the pink and purple strands. So I put a little baking soda into my shampoo to erase the color on my hair. No question about the shampoo + baking soda combination, it worked but it also erased the toner deposited on the ends of hair, so my hair was yellowish again. Because I did not have any other toners at hand, I decided to give the DIY Toner another try.

I mixed the same amount of conditioner with a very very small amount of Manic Panic Purple Haze. I got a really really faint lavender color. And I applied it on my hair. The same thing happened. The lower half of my hair up to the ends of my hair was toned perfectly, but the top part of my head had pink strands once again. It was not as bright as the first time I did that but it was still noticeable. Oh, darn!

3rd Attempt

A week passed with me thinking that I probably did something wrong or I just needed to find the right mix or ratio. After all, those who tried it and got awesome results and they did say that you have to try it a couple of times to get the mixture that is right for your hair. 

So I decided to start all over and try it one more time. I did a bleach bath for 10 minutes tops, rinsed and my hair was back to yellow, as yellow as the insides of a banana. I mixed the same amount of conditioner and a very, very small amount of Manic Panic Purple Haze. The mixture was almost white with a hint of pale, pale. pale lilac. I applied it on and still the same thing...20 mins later I got pink strands.. Big frustration.


I am not saying that it is ineffective, after all it did tone the lower part of my hair. I just don't know exactly why it keeps giving my pink strands somewhere towards the roots. I searched the internet for answers but I could not get the exact answer. So i used some of the knowledge I got from Science or Art class.

Well, violet is the result of mixing blue and red right? So the strands that turned pink where actually those that were a bit orange-y. I have strands that are actually slightly orange (the same few strands that are left as ashy blond instead of platinum white after I used Wella T18) and to tone that you would need blue pigment or a blue-based toner. What probably happened was that after the blue pigment neutralized the orange, what was left was the red pigment, thus the pink (diluted red) strands.

I am not sure though. I am not a hair expert or a hair professional. I just do a lot of DIY stuff on my hair and ,again, I learned something in this experiment--at least.

To make the long story short, if you must do DIY hair stuff just remember that it is going to be like a hit-and-miss situation. It might work for you, it might not. Some women do get amazing results with this kind of DIY hair toner. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my own hair. 

So, tada! I emptied the whole tub of Manic Panic Purple Haze on my hair.

Til next time, loves!

Manic Panic Purple Haze as DIY Hair Toner for Brassiness

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  1. You gotta use Ultra Violet, not Purple Haze! UV is a blue toned violet, works like a charm. Purple Haze is pink toned, hence the pink streaks. I love the pink streaks for what it's worth :D

  2. thanks. i will keep that in mind. im not sure when i will be bleaching my hair though. i miss my dark hair

  3. Really informative. This will be helpful in the future.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You look amazing my dear! I just love this new lavendar shade of hair color that you've got going on here. It look perf with your Hair! More details Visit This Link


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