BENEFITS OF DRINKING CUCUMBER WATER...It is not about being fancy!

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I am already in my 30s but I don't feel like it. I feel like I am still in my twenties, but not until I look in the mirror and BAM!

I am not saying that I look like the years have not been kind. What I am just saying is that I sometimes get that sad feeling whenever I get reminded that I am not getting any younger. Plus being married to someone younger than I am, it can pull up some feelings of ermmm---insecurity. But I got no time to sulk in the corner because of that.
Sad to say, I neither got time to get into a tedious skin care regimen to bring back that 20's glow I obviously do not have anymore. At least, I religiously tone and moisturize my face. I don't smoke and I very, very seldom drink. However, it apparently is not enough. Something else has to be done. I am not trying to look super young again, but at least I do not want to look like I am already 40 when I only in my 30's
So, what is my next game plan? Cucumbers...Cucumber water. What? I myself feel skeptical. I have seen glasses of water with floating cucumbers in spa's and restaurants. Even Vikings Buffet offers infused water, which has lemons and cucumbers floating in it. At first, I thought is just about being fancy but there are actually benefits of drinking cucumber or lemon water.
Why am I choosing cucumber water over lemon water? Well, cucumbers are easier to come by here and cheaper. But if I can I would love to have lemon water as well and I might write about that, too. I think they have similar effects and some notable differences. I don't know yet at the moment. For cucumber water, however, here are the five benefits that convinced me I should start drinking it.
sliced cucumber


1. Keeps you hydrated
Whether you are drinking it with or without cucumber, nutritionists say that a person needs 6-8 glasses of water daily. Cucumber has an exciting and delicious flavor, it might just get me to drink more water as currently I am drinking way, way less than the recommended number of glasses.

a glass of water
2. Helps you lose weight
Drinking more water, staying hydrated might just be the answer--at least for me--to my usual craving for junk food, which I know is the reason why I find it hard to lose weight. LOL! Kidding aside, experts say that drinking cucumber water can help you survive the next few hours before meal time. I hope so!
weighing scale and tape measure
3. Anti oxidant
Antioxidants prevent cell damage, and everyone knows that cell damage contributes to premature aging. So, because cucumbers are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, cucumber water can help prevent or delay cell damage.
brightly colored salad
4. For better bone health
Cucumbers have plenty of Vitamin K and this vitamin helps our body form proteins that are essential to bones and muscles. And as I have said, I am not getting younger thus I need to take good care of my body, my bones, etc. I must add more cucumbers to my diet.
girl facing backward
5. Healthy Skin
There, the benefit that really got me interested in this cucumber water. A healthy skin can make you look radiant and glowing. Cucumber water has detoxifying properties, has antioxidants and has vitamins to give you a healthier body, thus healthier skin in effect and ultimately it can make you feel great and look less stress.
girl with cucumber on her eyes
There it is. Now, I am convinced that I should start drinking cucumber water--say, everyday?! I promise I will update this article in a months time :) 'Til then.
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