3 Most Common Reasons Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands (or would want too...)

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I hurts when some tells me I am a "SUPERMOM" or a "SUPERWIFE" because it is an overstatement. Most of the time, I just smile and pretend as if a am proud of the compliment. But I don't deserve such title.
Sure, I do the dishes, I cook and do all the household chores and on top of that I have an online job, with super flexi-hours--I have to contribute to the household finances too, you know. To the eyes of many I am the queen of multi-tasking. And even if my spirits are already beat down to the pulp, I have to be available 24-hours for the children. Motherhood is a career with no vacation, no sick leaves, no emergency leaves--an undisturbed 8-hour sleep is next to impossible.
To the eyes of many you are a hero...for some, their husbands do not see the same thing. Unfortunately, they are the ones who usually see only the negative side of you. Even when you are tired, they tell you to do this and that and when you accidentally forgot because you fell asleep out of exhaustion or you are just so preoccupied, you get labeled the worst wife, you have no sense of time, no discipline, no system of doing things, you are a disappointment..." yeah, I have heard some of that plenty of times. And my stress level is sky high, but you have to pretend that you are okay because the moment you complain or even say that you are tired, your supposedly significant other calls you lazy.
And the male species, when they say they are stressed they say it like it is Armageddon. But they get to sleep eight hours a day, when the kids are too much for them to take they pass it on to us and they have time to go out and have fun night with their male friends--karaoke, clubbing...because they think they deserve the time out because they bring home the biggest bacon.
So please I am not a SUPERMOM or a SUPERWIFE...I am just a human being who gets tired of all these, too. We are normal people who also want to see that there is a life outside of this marriage and this family life...even just for a day in 365 days each year.
Don't we ladies deserve a break every once in a while? Don't we deserve to at least step out of our daily messy lives and experience freedoom even just for a few hours. After all at the end of the day we are still stay-at-home moms stuck with the daily grind. I tell my husband I want to go out singing, dancing and do crazy stuff-relieve the days when we were carefree-TAKE NOTE--I want to do it with him and he says, you are too old for that../does not fit your image...sigh...And he tells me I am being senseless--DEMANDING! blah blah blah...okay...nevermind...So deep inside...even if you love your husband, I know I do, but...whether you admit it or not, RESENTMENT piles up but you have to hide it for as long as you can.
Until when? There are times when I would wish that I am having a fling with someone. I know that would be disgusting or a gross thing to even think about but when my resentments bother me I really want to cheat on my husband and why? for PAYBACK! But those are just my naughty and vindictive fantasies--an escape from the daily tiring routine--to be pretend to be a different person around another guy. Don't worry, I haven't and I never will and I can never do that. My husband does not deserve that as far as I know. He has been a great dad and my resentments are just probably me being selfish.
Moving on, yes even the most devoted wife can fall out of love and eventually do cheat on their husbands because payback or resentment or whatever reason There are plenty of factors and reasons somehow they don't apply to me yet, I just thought this would be a good topic to write. Here are the three most common reasons why wives cheat on their husbands.

1. Not feeling adored.

This goes back to the one I mentioned earlier. How many times does a woman get praises from her partner for the things she can do? Versus, the number of times she hears complaints for the reasons stated above? We want to feel like we are very, very precious to our dear husbands to you know.

2. Constant criticism.

Who the hell wants that? Well, as a wife, you will get that often---like it or not! even if the dear Mr. Critic does not fully understand why you fall short of his expectations to some husbands, their wives are, well, just a walking bag of flaws.

3. Boredom

We want to feel excitement every once in a while and we badly need it!. I often day dream about  those times when I used to get super excited as you greet then-boyfriend-and-future husband at the door. I often times try to recall how I tossed and turned with delight when I first got a text message from him.
There are times the kitchen, the chores, the daily boring stuff and the unending soap operas that we watch make us sick to our stomachs. So hell yeah, it makes sense why I wish my husband would take me out dancing or singing--wishful thinking wink! wink!
So, those are the 3 most common reasons that cause women to fall out of love and eventually cheat. I am still in love with my husband, I haven't cheated on him yet but I do daydream of inappropriate things so unbecoming of a wife or mother because of my resentments.
But then, I got dishes to wash, kids to look after and my online work to finish...I will save the resentful and cheesy feelings for another day if I have the time.

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  1. yea it's not easy to be a woman, that's why every woman in my eye is a hero herself. kudos to all the hard work!

  2. I did agree with all the points, might add another one, no proper communication. After all, we have to go back to basic communication.

  3. Will keep that in mind and starts to avoid it asasp/

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