Toning Brassy Hair with Wella Color Charm T18

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I finally fixed my brassy hair and turned it to a nice pale blonde using Wella Color Charm T18 toner. Let me show you the results in this article.

Before anything else, here is a little disclaimer. I am not a hair expert nor a professional hair stylist. I have just been experimenting with my hair over the past years. Now, I am sharing my hair adventures or misadventures and hopefully many people would find it helpful.

First of all, Wella Color Charm T18 is a hair toner that is meant to tone or neutralize yellow undertones after bleaching your hair. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos showing how this product works but you really have to try something personally to see if works for you, right?

So, I have been bleaching my hair because I want to be blonde--for...uhm, I am not sure how long I want to be blonde. Take note that you cannot achieve that nice blonde shade with bleach alone, thus you will need a toner after bleaching your hair.

Over the past few weeks I have experimented with different kinds of DIY toner. I have tried mixing conditioner and food color but the results are so minimal you cannot really tell it works. I have also used conditioner mixed with violet hair dye (sans the developer) and this one works--under a few conditions. You can read about that here.

It took me a few hits and misses until I finally decided to order Wella Color Charm T18 from Rainbow Head. Shipping was fast and they respond promptly. Yay! Kudos to Rainbow Head!

Before my toner arrived, I had my hair bleached at a salon. I have read and seen online that your hair needs to be bleached to a pale yellow level for this toner to work. I did not want to mess it up or end up with dark strands of hair that is why I decided to have the bleaching done professionally. But if you are good at it, by all means bleach away.

Anyway so this is how I achieved that nice, super pale blonde shade.

Wella Color Charm T18 Results

This is how yellow my hair was after it was bleached and it was horrible.

And this is the product. It came with a free 6% (20 vol) developer.
Wella Color Charm T18 Results
This Wella Color Charm T18 sells at P500 + shipping. It was delivered at my doorstep the following business day. I will definitely order this product again sometime in the future.
Again, let me remind you that you to need to get your hair to a very pale yellow for this product to work. If you hair is not light enough say orange, or darker, there is a different toner available for your shade of hair. I did a lot of research before deciding to get this one.

Moving on the instructions say that you need to mix 1 part toner and 2 parts 6% developer. So if the toner is 42 ml or 1.4 fluid oz. you need two mix twice the amount for the developer.

Next, a number of YouTubers say you need to apply it on wet hair, so I did the same. Then you leave it on for 30-40 minutes.

It will turn purple on your head but do not be alarmed. This is absolutely normal and it will wash off.
Wash hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and do not forget to apply condition. Bleached hair requires a lot of care.
Wella Color Charm T18 Results

There are those who say that it is best to apply a toner right after bleaching. But others say that it does not matter. In my case, I did not apply it after bleaching because like I said I had to wait for it to arrive at my doorstep.

To make the long story short, I love the results. It is better than the DIY toners I have tried. I am not saying that DIY toners are not worth the time and effort, but I think this Wella Color Charm T18 is a good product to use after bleaching. While, the homemade toners are great to use in between salon visits or bleaching sessions.

Here are two more before and after pictures.

Wella Color Charm T18 Before and After
This one was taken indoors under fluorescent lighting
Wella Color Charm T18 Before and After
This one taken outdoors under natural lighting
I will definitely use Wella Color Charm T18 again or maybe 050 some time. For now, I am really happy with my light blonde hair.

If you want to know how I take care of my bleached hair, which is soooo fragile, click this link.

I hope this article helps all of you out there who want to go blonde. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to leave it down below.

Brassy Hair

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  1. you have beautiful hair and soft .. I'm jealous .. hehe .. my hair is little messy and dull.. =P

  2. Thanks for the tip, now I know what to do.

  3. Wow. I can see the change after you used this. I've been wanting a bleached hair but I am really scared for the damages. Good thing I was able to read your blog.

  4. Oh wow it works wonder! Can totally see the difference in your hair!

  5. cantikknya rambut....lembut je nampak...any tips to share with me...

  6. Thanks for the tips! for natural bleaching, I heard that if you can use lemon juice to brush on hair too! it will stay permanent. but probably not as immediate as this product!

  7. The after effect is amazing dear! The color is so pretty and vibrant and your hair doesn't look frizzy too!


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