Bioré UV Perfect Spray Honest Review: Love It or Leave It?

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I am happy I stumbled across this skin product from Bioré. Here is why...

Bioré UV Perfect Spray Review

There are so many kinds of sunblock in the market and it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one. I had that problem the week before my family and I went to Boracay. Of course, you need sunblock when you go to that sunny island. We did not go there to simply hide in our hotel rooms.
I did my research about different kinds of sunblock from water-based ones, lotions, gels, water-proof, broad spectrum, what those SPF numbers and pluses mean...etc. But when the time came for me to actually buy one, I was still totally confused.
In the sea of sun protection products at Watsons, it was Bioré UV Perfect Spray that caught my eye because it had a sticker that screams that it is the No. 1 sunscreen brand in Japan. I don't know if others feel the same but for me, Japanese products are really good.
Bioré UV Perfect Spray
The writing on the back of the product are in Japanese so it is best not to throw away the instruction card that it comes with.
Other than that sticker, the packaging says it has SPF 50+++, it is water and perspiration proof. It also says that it provides protection from both UVB and UVA. And because it says that it is suitable for daily use, that it is invisibly light and that it has shine control, I felt it was a promising product, so I bought it.
Bioré UV Perfect Spray
It even says that you can use it on your hair and scalp, face and, it is something you can put on all over you. oooookaaaaay....
Moving on, like most sun protection products, Bioré UV Perfect Spray also needs to be reapplied after some time. Instructions says that it should be held 10-15 cm away from the skin as you spray evenly and it should not be sprayed more than 3 seconds on the sane area. You also need to avoid spraying over wounds or irritated skin. And because it comes in an aerosol spray can, it must be kept away from direct heat or flame.
Bioré UV Perfect Spray

The Good...

1. In my experience, it is the easiest to apply. I gave it an A+++ for convenience.
2. It was super hot in at the beach and I was perspiring. I am praising this product because it did not feel sticky.
3. It does not leave white film on your skin--it is basically super light and invisible
4. It did control shine.
5. It is so light I can use it daily over my make up.
6. Inexpensive (I can't exactly remember if it was on sale or not, I bought it for less than Php 300 or $7 

The Bad...

1. You can't tell if you have completely covered a certain area because it is "invisible." Yes, you can feel it as you spray it on you, but its not like the lotion or gel type that you actually see as you spread it on your skin.
2. You can't use it on baby skin so I assumed it was not suitable for my 2-year old son (it did not say so but I played it safe). I used a different product for his delicate skin.
3. Because you spray it from a certain distance, I feel like a lot of it disappears into the air as you spray it on.
Bioré UV Perfect Spray

The final verdict

I love this product because it is convenient to use and it is effective. We stayed in Boracay for three days and 2 nights, surprisingly the little spray can was more than enough for me and my husband  and 2 older children. I only wish it was also suitable for my little boy (please comment on this). Nevertheless, Bioré UV Perfect Spray is hassle free to carry with you in your bag. So far we did not get sunburnt so a big kudos to Bioré.
Bioré UV Perfect Spray
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  1. I never hands on spray uv! Looks convenient and easy to use =)

  2. Have try this. I use biore products buy hv not try the spray type. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Agreed that it is kinda hard to see whether it is applied evenly. Haha

  4. I love Japan products, too! And yes, Korean products as well! ;) And I do believe their products work perfectly on our skin. Will get a bottle if we're hitting the beach or the pool hehe :) Glad to know it's not expensive hehe


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