Yellow Media at Its Finest

12:06 AM

Friends, this is something out of the usual. I am going to get a little political for a bit as I have seen on social media something that is hard to ignore.

The yellow government has caught fire for the nth time as people take to Facebook and Twitter to promote awareness that VP Leni Robredo and her supporters have assembled an army of trolls to spread information in their favor. This may come as an irony after VP Leni Robredo, just recently declared war against social media trolls. 

Several bogus Twitter accounts have taken spotlight apparently spamming Twittersphere with the same messages. One of the tweets found on each of these questionable accounts reads, “Against tlaga ako sa EJK nayan eh. Slamaat lascanas #LascanasJustify” If this is a social media campaign, it is the first time I have seen a number of accounts having the same messages with uniform verbiage or typos.

Why not use the retweet or share button instead? 

Moreover, it is funny how these accounts appear to have been created in the same month and year. They use drawings or avatars on their profiles instead of a real and credible profile pictures.

There is even one Twitter profile that makes use of a real photo to make things look legit. Is that really you Maris Pagtakhan?

VP Robredo can be remember speaking before the attendees of the Coalition for Better Education (CBE) event at Cebu Eastern College, “This is the perfect time to start a campaign against lies and alternative facts. Let’s gather together an army of truth seekers, because though there are many trolls, I think there are more people who want the truth.”

Giving the dubious social media accounts mentioned above and the recent statement of the vice president, is this what they mean by “gathering?” Is this their army of truth seekers? Or did just assemble a legion of trolls?

Take a look at the reaction on this Facebook post.

What is disappointing in this scenario is that they seem to regard the Filipinos as social media ignorants thinking that their ridiculous feat on Facebook and Twitter will go unnoticed.

Needless to say, someone should explain to VP Robredo how to use the term trolls. Trolls can work both either ways: against you or for you. So Robredo’s declaration of war against trolls simply sounds like another funny circus act.

And perhaps the most amusing thing here is that the VP herself has been feeding the trolls with her own series of actions that trigger the media and the people to come up with stories that sell. The Yellow Media is indeed a fitting term for those who push for yellow journalism, which by definition is journalism based on sensationalism and exaggeration.

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