Vikings Buffet: Everyday is a Feast

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"Eat like A Viking," says Vikings, the country's largest buffet restaurant. In the country, they have 11 branches and each branch has its own theme.

Vikings Bacolod takes inspiration from the "starry nights  of Manhattan City." With so many flavors to choose from, it is a luxurious feast at this massive restaurant. It is best to enjoy this grand buffet experience with your family or group of friends.

They also have reasonable rates. Here in bacolod the rate for adult diners is Php588 (service charge of  5% not yet included) whether you come in at lunch or at dinner time.) Just think about being able to eat as much sushi as you want for just a little over Php500. Japanese restaurants here serve sushi at half that price of like what, 4-6 pcs?

Moreover, they have lower rates for kids.Kids below 3 feet are free of charge. On the other hand, there is a charge of Php188 for kids 3 feet and above but not taller than 4 feet. Then, you have to pay Php388 for Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6." If they are any taller, they will apply the rates for adults.

I recently celebrated my birthday at VIKINGS because I wanted to spare myself the trouble of cooking. I mean, it's my birthday I just wanted to eat and enjoy a festive meal with the rest of the family without having to worry about the spaghetti not being al dente. 

So what is the special rate for the birthday celebrant? The birthday celebrant can dine at VIKINGS for free on any day within his or her birth month under two conditions:

First, on any day within the birth month he or she is free of charge if accompanied by four paying adults. Second, on his or her very special day, he or she will only need to bring one paying adult. 

I am not going to divulge anymore what day we went and what promo I took advantage of. Needless to say, I got the cake--woohoo!

Other than that, here are the food items that you can expect to find at VIKINGS Bacolod.

At VIKINGS, you can have it your way. Here is the plate of one of my kiddos. Why are there hotdogs? Well kids love them and they will have hotdogs whenever hotdogs are available.
And even if the theme is Manhattan City, they have a section that serves Japanese food. They have different kinds of maki and sushi among others and, of course, help yourself to some tempura sauce.

 At that time, carbonara was not on the menu, instead, they were serving ravioli and spaghetti with a differnt kind of white sauce at the pasta section.
And they have a section that offers roast beef, sausages and roast pork. Just ask the guy to carve the meat for you and you can choose to have it rare, medium rare or well done. And there are different sauces to choose from.   

When you are in a buffet restaurant and you want to try everything they have to offer, the trick is to have small portions of a certain item on your plate at a time. And don't over-stuff your plate in one go, after all, you are allowed to go back as many times as you want. In order for them to maintain prices, they encourage everyone to have no left overs.
And the middle portion has all sorts of drinks, hot or cold. They also have draft beer. Take note that wines are sold separately. They also have all deserts at the middle. Regularly, they have ice cream, jell-o shots, cakes, cheese cakes, etc. Have all the sweets that you want. This was the last thing I stuffed myself with.

Regarding the food, they have a wide selection of flavors. I just was not able to snap all or them. To make the short story shorter, if you have a seriously big appetite VIKINGS gives value for your money.

Have you been to any of their eleven branches? What was your favorite?
Vikings Buffet: Everyday is a Feast

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