The Hype is ON for Stainless Steel Jewelry: Would You Wear One?

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You see it everywhere. Sales ladies of local shops tirelessly bark at every passerby, "Ma'am, stainless, non-tarnish. By one, take one..."

More and more men and women are wearing stainless steel jewelry. Besides the fact that they are inexpensive compared to the real gold or silver counterparts, they look as good and elegant. Moreover, they do not tarnish or fade, corrode or rust. People who are allergic to fancy or "fake" jewelry can wear them.

What is stainless steel jewelry and the advantages of wearing one?

The stainless steel used for for making jewelry should not be confused with stainless steel that used for kitchen ware or those for industrial purposes. Specifically, the body-friendly surgical steel types: 316L and 316LVM are the ones widely used for making fashion accessories as they contain low levels of nickel.

The following properties of this type of jewelry is advantageous to the person wearing it:


Unlike 24k gold, stainless steel jewelry is tough so it is resistant to scratches and scrapes. Stainless steel rings will not easily bend or warp or lose its intricate details. Of course, it is a fact that gold has way more value than these fashion accessories but its durability makes it nearly as admirable as gold.
The Hype is ON for Stainless Steel Jewelry
Just by looking at it, who can tell that only the necklace with the cross pendant and the ring is real gold

Low reaction to skin

Stainless steel jewelry has a special coating that prevents it from tarnishing or staining the skin of the person wearing it. Because of such coating, it does not rust or react with other chemicals in the environment. Furthermore, it has low amounts nickel so it does not react with the skin of those who are “allergic” to metal.

This kind of jewelry is a good choice of accessory for those who are going to the beach or swimming in chlorinated water because unlike silver, it is not affected by chlorinated or salt water.
The Hype is ON for Stainless Steel Jewelry
Stainless Steel Earrings looking as shiny as it was the day it was bought

Low Maintenance 

Jewelry, all kinds, will need cleaning at one point. Even sterling silver will require some polishing after being stashed in a box for a long time. Stainless steel jewelry, on the other hand, will stay sparkly and shiny looking for weeks or even months. And because of the fact that stainless steel accessories do not fade or tarnish washing it in soapy water will not destroy its beauty.

The Hype is ON for Stainless Steel Jewelry
My own stainless steel ring still looking mint even if I wear it while doing laundry or washing dishes

How much does it cost

Now a days, one can buy a pair of stainless steel earrings for Php 50 (about $1) or a ring for Php 100-150 ($3). Of course, depending on the quality, design and the name of the manufacturer a pair of earrings, a ring or a necklace can cost more.

Lastly, what to consider before buying 

 Because many shops selling "Stainless, Non-tarnish" jewelry have emerged here and there, one should  exercise caution before buying. Most of these shops sell these jewelry at very low prices to beat the competition. Many even sell 2 pairs of these earrings for the price of one. One must be skeptic and check whether or not it is the real deal

Your best defense against being ripped off is to find a reputable shop. This applies to both a physical shop or an online shop. Then, don't buy in bulk just yet. Buy one, test it and if the item did not fade, lose its color after a few weeks and, most importantly, you did not get any form of allergy, then you can go back and buy another one from the same store.

And of course, when buying stainless steel jewelry you should find one that has been crafted well. It should  not have rough edges that can hurt the skin. For, example, rings should have a smooth texture on both on the outside and on its inner side. Also, you should care to check that other components like its jump rings or connectors have the same quality as the rest of the jewelry. As for earrings, make sure that its clasps work perfectly.

In short, just like buying fine jewelry made from real gold, you should also look for quality when buying stainless steel jewelry.

The Hype is ON for Stainless Steel Jewelry
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