Stay Cool and Chic: No Fuzz Summer Outfit

10:01 AM

Summer means a lot of things. 

While it means frolicking in the sun, it also means having to endure humidity. Just to beat the heat, one does not have to sacrifice looking cool and chic. It is possible to stay in touch with one's kikay side amid the high temperature, of course, you just need to know what fashion items to pick and how to match them.

To start with, you can wear a cotton white cami, or halter. Then let your feminine side outshine the sun by tucking it in a light floral skirt with a wide black band. You would not need a belt for this, which makes the outfit even lighter.

Don't Downplay Footwear

Leave the flipflops reserve them for your trips to the beach. Instead, while you are in the city, top your OOTD with dark footwear like this black wedge with silver and gold accents. Wedges like the ones on the picture are very versatile, meaning, you can wear them with jeans or skirts. And sunny days are perfect days to bring out your faux velvet wedges because there won't be puddles of water to avoid, unless of course you are going to the beach or staying near a swimming pool.

And of course, do not forget accessories, but again keep it light. As a suggestion, wear a subtle dangling silver earrings with a sparkly glass bead. This pair of red drop earrings will do the trick. Stay tuned for more smart summer outfit ideas.
No Fuzz Summer Outfit

Did you try this summer outfit. How did it go? We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Write your comments below.

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