Sofia Bread & Pastries: Freshly Baked Goodies Daily

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I usually hangout somewhere in the east side of the city, thus, i have decided to talk about this nice little shop called Sofia Bread & Pastries. This dainty bakery offers only the freshest breads and pastries everyday. It is one of the best bakeries in Bacolod City

best bakery in town

If you are looking to satisfy your sugar cravings, look no further. Sofia Bread & Pastries sells cakes, muffins, cheesecakes, cookies and other sweet delicacies that are really very good.

On the other hand, their breads are just as dreamy. Judging by the texture, the softness and ultimately the taste, it is not hard to tell that they use only the higheat-grade ingredients. This gives them the greatest distinction over other bakeries that sell bread at very low prices but at a significantly low, low quality.

And of course, they serve beverage that go perfectly well with either bread or pastry--coffee. Besides being a bakery, you can come in, take a seat and enjoy a quiet time over a cup of cappuccino or espresso.

Oh, by the way, they also serve pasta and cold coffee concoctions.

Similarly, the peaceful ambiance of this shop makes this Sofia Bread & Pastries branch a perfect gathering spot for a small group of people who want to exchange pleasantries.

Before you head out to visit Sofia, let me present some of their best products:

This is Sofia's take on the classic Spanish roll. The bread is soft with just the right amount of that sweet filling. It may cost twice the price of those sold by hole-in-the-wall bakeries but the flavor is superior. One or two is satisfying, but feel free to have more if you wish.

They also serve one of these Filipino favorites. Cheese-de-sal, which, of course, is the classic pan de sal with a cheese filling. You can forget that the normal pan de sal from other bakeryh shops is 5 times cheaper because Sofia's version tastes way better. One or two can already fill you up.

When I went there, my personal favorite: Pan de Coco

Here is a peek at their bigger-than-usual muffins...yum!

Best Bakery in Town

And they also have a selection of meat buns and meat pies for those who are looking to get some protein and carbs. They have baked goodies with rich meaty fillings just like this Twisty Sausage or Chicken Pie Croissant. This only shows that Sofia not only exists to satisfy a sweet tooth. They have treats for everybody.

And if you are really looking for something buttery, creamy or something sinfully delightful, these colorful mini-cakes will tell you that you have come to the right place. They taste so good that you will think twice before sharing it with somebody.

This shop is located at Hi Strip 4, Villa Angela City, Carlos Hilado Hwy, Bacolod, Negros Occidental.They also have other branches in the City with their main branch located at Narra Avenue, Shopping, Bacolod. The other one is located next to Robinsons Mall.
So visit Sofia one of these days and enjoy a cup of coffee over bread or pastry either alone or with a couple of friends. What is your favorite baked treat? Share your comment below.

Disclaimer: This is my own, honest opinion as a regular customer of the Sofia Bread & Pastries. As you can see the photos were actually taken by my phone---secretly. hahaha, sneaky, sneaky!

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