@MochaUson Accused of Violating Twitter Rules: I Don't Think So

6:25 PM

I am going to rant again and it is my right to be heard. I am pro-Duterte, I support Mocha Uson and her cause. Thank goodness Twitter heard

Supporters of the yellow government has blindsided Duterte supporters by going after Mocha Uson’s Twitter account.  Despite the hundreds and thousands of supporters, the other party has managed to report the Twitter account of the prominent public influencer.
The Mocha Uson Twitter account has become a tool for spreading the truth against the deception and the fraud of the other party and their supporters. The public figure had good intentions but those who joined the recent Twitter party may have violated a few Twitter rules that the supporters of the Yellow Government were quick to notice.

What are the Twitter Rules? . What rule/rules did the Pro-Robredo or Pro-Aguino, or what not, folks cite when they reported Mocha’s Twitter activities.
For more details you make click this link. In a nutshell, here are some of the things that Twitter has enumerated in the guidelines on their Help Center:

  1. Direct or indirect violent threats
  2. Harassment
  3. Hateful conduct
  4. Multiple account Abuse
  5. Private Information
  6. Impersonation
  7. Self Harm
It seems that the "Pro-Yellow" Party may have used numbers 1, 2, 3 against Mocha and her supporters. Obviously the campaign against them is threatening but only in a sense through the recent Twitter party that more and more people are beginning to condemn them for being untruthful. I, personally believe that violence or violent threats, in its essence, is not the goal of Miss Mocha.

On the other hand, the things stated on the #DDSpartyparty may indeed appear to be a form of harassment to the opposite group, however, isn't is obvious why people are gathering together to spread awareness that the Yellow government should be condemned? People have every right to talk about it on social media.

Lastly, hateful conduct...hmmm...Apparently, majority of the Filipinos are against the yellow government, their supporters and their fake Twitter accounts thus the #AyawSaDilaw campaign. But their is a greater purpose for campaigning against them and people should know that as well.

Luckily, Twitter has unsuspended @MochaUson. Their administrators did a good job at probing. The said account and those following it may, on the surface, appear to be in violation of the Twitter rules. However, the Twitter admins likely understand the greater cause for which the @MochaUson account exists.

On the side note however, it is just right that we and the rest of the Duterte supporters avoid being profane on social media because profanity in all angles is wrong whatever the platform is.

So what about the other party...are they not guilty of #1, 2 and 3 themselves? worst is that they spread lies and deceitful propaganda against the current administration. Lastly, aren't they guilty of #4 Multiple Account Abuse?

And what about this guy?
 The side that this troll is supporting is very obvious. Or if this account is another one of the alleged  "Bayaran" trolls of the Yellow government, isn't he suggesting violence? Isn't he guilty of harassment by suggesting that Mocha Uson should be sent to Iraq?

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