Looking for a Seafood Restaurant in Bacolod? Try Dyotay's Eatery

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If you are looking for fresh seafood and fast service, go to Dyotay's Eatery.

A few blocks away from the busier and the more commercialized Lacson street, exists this seafood restaurant that serves seafood that has a fresh-off-the-boat goodness.

The idea is simple: You choose from a wide array of seafood at the entrance and tell them how you want it done. Stewed, Grilled, breaded, fried, sauteed...you name it and their chef will have it done in a jiffy according to all your specifications. Such business model locally known as "PALA-PALA." 
The restaurant shop sign

And they are absolutely serious about customer satisfaction.  


When you come in as a hungry customer, the first thing you would expect from any restaurant is to serve the food right away. On the other hand, knowing that in "pala-pala" restaurants like Dyotay's Eatery they would still have to prepare and cook your selection, you would have to wait about 30 minutes. It was a big surprise that our food landed our dinner table in less than that. And take note, the place was bustling with many people at that time.

Dyotay's Eatery bustling with hungry seafood lovers
Moreover, their friendly and super attentive waiters were always alert. One or two will surely respond the second you raise your hand.

They seem to be very busy on Friday's and on weekends. The place is not fancy and lunch or dinner is normally presented in plastic or sizzling--plates but when it comes to food, Dyotay's Eatery is an absolute sanctuary.

They also have a parking space which is a big advantage for any restaurant or shop. Majority of the restaurant has the ambiance of a typical open-space eatery with fans so you can smell or even feel the smoke from the grill nearby, however, they also have an air-conditioned area for those who who prefer to dine with a bit more privacy, away from all that smoke and people rushing to and fro.

And the food...

As for the food, we were very happy that they cooked it just right. The problem with seafood is that it gets a bad rubbery or a dry texture when it is overcooked and seafood cooks fast--this is a risk that seafood restaurants face all the time. When it comes to seafood texture, taste and doneness, they NAILED it!

Here are pictures of what we ordered.

As, I have earlier described, our gastronomic experience at Dyotay's seafood restaurant started by picking fresh seafood from a wide table.
Just look at all that fresh bounty
 We asked the cook to serve our marlin as a steak in sizzling plate.
A cut of marlin, somewhere from the belly portion.
 Unless you are allergic to shrimp, this baby will always be present. We had ours cooked with butter and lots of garlic.
Grilled scallops are always great as appetizers. Our only regret is that we should have gotten more of these little ones.
Last but not the least, grilled pork belly. Why? Because it is our favorite. Yes, they also serve chicken and pork.
Other than seafood, they also have marinated pork and chicken and likewise you can choose to have it grilled or fried, but i believe it is best when grilled.

And for Bacolodnons and most Filipinos, there should always be "sabaw" or any soup-based dishes. Well here is our short story regarding this. It was only just the two of us, so the marlin, shrimp, scallops and pork belly already seemed more than enough. When we realized we forgot to select seafood that would be cooked as a soup. The attending waiter was paying attention as my husband and I debated which of those if we can still squeeze in one more item. And he said, we offer the "sabaw" free. Of course, there's no meat in it... Just the soup and it was good enough.

Overall, the dining experience was superb. However, in general, the sauce was a little too sweet. BUT, that's just me because I rather prefer a more salty and peppery taste.

So a quick summary:

Food - 5/5
Customer Service 5/5
Cleanliness 5/5

This seafood restuarant, Dyotay's Eatery  is located at 12th st., Gatuslao,Bacolod City and as stated on their Facebook page, their business hours are 11:00AM - 1:30PM, 5:00PM - 10:30PM Mondays through Sundays.

  What is your favorite seafood? Share your thoughts below...

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