Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

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Now a days more and more counterfeit products are being sold because reality-wise there is a market for those things. However, what about those who are against fake products? Some of them fall victims to this awful money making scheme.

One of the brands that are being continuously imitated by makers of counterfeit makeup is M.A.C. Usually the price of a dupe M.A.C cosmetics, which is unusually very low, is a dead giveaway or the most obvious indication that it is not the real thing. However, there are even more stubborn sellers who would sell these fake ones at a price similar to the authentic counterpart and that's a rip off, is it not?

Some would go as far as saying that the reason they can sell these fakes at a low price is because they bought it online in bulk--aka wholesale. Don 't fall for it.

As the official M.A.C website would define it, the counterfeit version is actually an illegal imitation. Often the intention is to deceive buyers as they take advantage of the name and value of the product being copied. 

Because counterfeit M.A.C makeup often lack the superior quality, there is a chance that the fake version will have an reaction to the wearer's skin.

In effort to protect their customer's and their name, M.A.C says that they do not sell its products through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, internet auctions, independent boutiques or unauthorized online retailers. In short, the company only distributes its cosmetics through their official website or their official retailers. The company also does wholesale its products online. 

Still their are fake M.A.C products that circulate the market. To avoid becoming a victim of these dupes let us take a look at this fake M.A.C eyebrow palette. If you go to either the international or local website, they do not have this palette. The original M.A.C Brow Duo looks entirely different.
Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

This product comes in a box that looks authentic at first glance. The logo of the company is makes it look legit. But flip it over and check the back o the box.

Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

You can immediately tell that something is fishy with this brow palette by looking at the instructions written on the back.
Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

"Reconcile with the color," says at the first line...okay what does that even mean? Read the rest and be the judge.

Here is what is underneath the palette itself.
Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them
Usually, you just need to take a look at the logo on the counterfeit product. High quality beauty items, such as M.A.C. makeup items, will also invest in the quality of their packaging and their overall product look. This means that even the logo that they etch on their makeup should be as perfect as the product itself.

Here have a close look at the logo on this fake brow palette. Compare it with the logo over the official website. This imperfection is something you will rarely or will never see at all in real M.A.C Cosmetics.
Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

Now you know how to spot fake M.A.C cosmetics. Let us help put an end to this illegal acts. Also, you can report to the company information such as name and location of the shop or person selling fake  counterparts along with pictures by sending them an  email. 
Fake M.A.C Cosmetics: How to Spot Them

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