What is Minimalism?

4:06 AM

Minimalism is living with only what you need...

The very definition of minimalism is choosing to live with only the things that you need. Unfortunately, many people still misunderstand the idea of minimalism. There are people who think that it is just a fad or the practice of living with the least number of possessions. There are also people who think that it is utter simplicity or depriving yourself of many things or wants.
Minimalism is not just a theme that many interior designers apply, so it is wrong to think that its sole purpose is aesthetics. The truth is that it is a lifestyle that brings many mental and emotional benefits. One of its goals is to free the mind of clutter or junk that only costs money or wastes time. .

Still, some people think that minimalism is all about getting rid of your car or living in a tiny shack. It may be true for some but not for all. However, it sure is not minimalism when you have three cars. Can you drive them all together? You only need just one, or none at all. On the other hand, why live in a house with five bedrooms when you only live by yourself?

Picture yourself in a room surrounded with so much junk or clutter. You are sitting on your desk. You have a big pile of papers, folders, big and small notebooks, notepads, and a couple more things that you can write on. Then you have a tray full of paperclips, pins, staple wires, scissors, at least 5 pens and so on. Then behind you is a large bookshelf that is full of books that are collecting dust because you barely read them. When you look around, how do you feel?

Your desk alone is a picture of chaos and it is not relaxing to be at. The files should be neatly stacked in a file cabinet in one side of the room or in one of the drawers of your desk. It does not make sense to have 5 notebooks when you only need one. And the books are only useful to someone who actually reads them. 

How did you end up with all those clutter? That is because you have been collecting them for some time, even if you don’t need them. Is it pleasing to look at? Does it still feel comfortable to work at your desk? Can you function well in such a chaotic environment?

So, what is the lesson here? The lesson is to keep only what you need. A more organized work space gives peace of mind. As a result, the mind is more focused. In addition, your desk will be healthier place to work at without the dusty books behind you.

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