The Quickest, No Fail Way to Apply Eyeliner

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Eyeliners have become makeup staples for most women. It does not matter what kind. Pencil, gel, liquid, to name a few types…any type of eyeliner can be found almost in every woman’s beauty arsenal.

Why not? These makeup tools are so versatile, you can wear it alone or with a full makeup. For me, it is the fastest way to brighten up my looks because it opens up my eyes even on days when I am feeling under the weather.


When you are in a pinch, applying liquid eyeliner can be your biggest challenge. I have been there many times. Even when you are an expert in creating that perfect winged effect or cat eyes, when you are in a hurry the slightest slip of a hand can result in a big mess.

There is a perfect Eyeliner solution…

So when you are a little pressed for time, the best that you can do is a tape as a guide. Now, there are tapes intended for this purpose available in the market but any tape will do. Just make sure to use the kind that will not hurt your skill when you take it off.

In my case, I use a KT tape or a sports tape—the one that athlete’s use for support, pain relief and much more. But I am not going to talk more about the KT tape except for the fact that I get some from my husband’s stash and use it as an eyeliner guide. I use it because it easily comes off and does not leave any sticky residue on my face.

Step 1

Cut a small size of tape and stick it right under the waterline. Let the natural angle of your eye guide you.

Quickest Eyeliner
Use a KT Tape or athlete's tape if you have one because it easily comes off.

Step 2

Create an outline as shown. Then fill it in. It’s totally up to you if you want to extend the line to the inner corner of your eyes. Remember to keep the line very close to your lashes.
Quickest Eyeliner
This tip is very helpful for both beginners and experts in applying liquid eyeliner

Step 3

Carefully remove the tape and voila! You are good to go.
Quickest Eyeliner
Easiest, no fuzz, eyeliner tip. 

There you have it. Perfectly applied eyeliner with no mess, no worries. 

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