The Best Marriage Proposal Takes Over the Internet

5:14 PM

Would you accept a proposal in the middle of nowhere? An epic proposal in the middle of the dark by a young Texas guy to his girlfriend is viral on Facebook. And she said “Yes!”

Carter proposes to Allison on the road.

Why not? It was the sweetest moment and it was memorable.

It was one of those nights when they were on the country road riding together. KC Carter, 19, stopped their vehicle and danced with Allison Cooper to Cody Johnson's cover of George Strait's "You Look So Good In Love." Then in the light of their headlights, Carter went down on bended knee and made his proposal.

Explaining the sweet gesture, the young man said it was “tradition that stuck.” On their first night hanging out, the couple stopped on the back road to dance.

Carter posted the video on Facebook January 29 with the caption, “Well guys, I proposed to my best friend.” Since then, the video has been shared for thousands of times in addition to the thousands of comments that followed. The video has been viewed for more than a million times.

This only means that one does not need to make a proposal super fancy to make it meaningful. For KC Carter and Allison Cooper, it was very simple but it is perhaps the sweetest proposal social media has ever seen.

Watch it below and see for yourself:

Video courtesy of KC Carter|Facebook

Ladies would you say "Yes?"

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