Snapcart is Legit! I Just Claimed My First Rebate

7:03 AM

Snapcart is for real! I just did my first cashout transaction proving that this app is legit.

Snapcart is Legit

I first encountered this app as a sponsored link on Facebook. What caught my attention was that the app promises CASHBACK for your RECEIPT. Please! I scoffed at first, but I downloaded it anyway. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog.I am simply sharing my personal experience with Snapcart

Over the next few week I found myself saving the receipts of my grocery purchases. And in a period of over a month I was  able to snap and submit 21 receipts: 15 were accepted, 1 pending and 5 were rejected. After a month's time of actively uploading receipts, I was upgraded to Bronze, and the higher your level the higher your multiplier becomes. So at the moment, being at the bronze level, my rebate has 10 percent more than it was when I started with Snapcart.
Snapcart is Legit

There are various reasons for a receipt to be rejected. In my experience, here are the reasons:

  1. They only accept receipt of groceries purchases
  2. The image was blurry, faded or basically,  not readable,
  3. The receipt submitted was more than a week old. 
Snapcart is Legit

To make the  long story short, after a month and 21 receipts I earned P121.58. That is not much but I think it is better than SM Advantage Points or whatever gimmick big stores here have. With SM Advantage, you only get points when you shop at SM and other affiliated stores and so on. With Snapcart, you can upload receipts from any grocery: Robinsons, SM, Gaisano, Lopues, Puregold, etc. This means points accumulate faster.

Snapcart is Legit

Note: The coins are from the mini-games or surveys, and it has nothing to do with your cashback balance. I will probably write a different  article about it but for now let us move on. The screenshot on the right is actually a guide that tells you how much you will get based on the amount that is on the submitted receipt.

So, I was curious of what happens if I click the "Cash Out" Button.

Snapcart is Legit

 And so I learned that you need to have a minimum of P50 in order to cash out. Since I have more than P50 I tapped the blue button again. Being this, as my first time, I was asked to verify both my mobile number and email address. I had to comply of course so I sent them what they needed and in seconds they replied with a verification code that should be used immediately or the code will expire very soon.

So I learned that you need to reach P220 in order to unlock bank transfer. My only option was to convert my points to cellphone credits. You have to make sure that you have the right mobile number and the carrier, otherwise the app will ask you to verify your number again. Of course, I did not want to use all of my "points" besides, the only available option for me was to send P50. 

Then Snapcart said cash out was successful. I received a text informing me that my phone number just received a P50 load. I did a balance inquiry and it was indeed real. So this app is legit. I will come back and blog about this app again, after I reach P220 or more, I will let you know how the next cashout would turnout soon.

Snapcart is Legit

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