New Coffee Shop in the East side of Bacolod: Café Ambrosia

10:06 PM

This post may be a bit late, but it is something coffee lovers might just be interested in.

If you are a coffee lover who is currently in Bacolod and located somewhere in the East area, and you happen to be looking for a coffee shop nearby, you might want to check out Café Ambrosia on the third floor of Villa Angela Hi-Strip 4 Bldg along Carlos Hilado Hwy.

It is a small shop to the right of the stairs. The place looked cozy on the inside but I preferred to take a seat by the balcony, the wind was cool and the view of the city was pleasing that night. I ordered their Cappuccino Frappe the wait time was okay. For the price of 120 for a small sized frappe, it was worth it.
Cafe Ambrosia Capuccino Frappe

 Other than that they also have other varieties of that cold coffee beverage. Of course, the serve the hot variants. I sneakily took a picture of the coffee shop menu—a bad case of photography. But to give you an idea of what they offer here is their menu:
Cafe Ambrosia Coffee Shop Menu

I think the prices are affordable. The coffee shop also serves pasta and an sandwiches among others. The reason why I did not order was because I was only waiting for my husband, who was at Muscle District—a gym next to the shop and we already planned to eat chicken inasal after his session.
The view from where I was seated. The coffee shop is beside Muscle District Gym
Going back, the store was nicely decorated and the shop sign made reference to a bible verse. They were also playing gospel music inside the shop. The crew and the shop owner who happened to be there were very friendly and accommodating.

Cafe Ambrosia Capuccino Frappe on a table inside the shop
Personally, the place was okay, the coffee was okay. The ambiance was relaxing although I found the lights to be too bright. Still, it is an ideal place for a tête-à-tête.

Note: I have my own faith but I am not comfortable about listening to gospel music in public or being in a place that displays proverbs and verses, so if you are like me, this is something you should take note of. Nevertheless they have tables and chairs outside if you are there for great coffee

Still, it is a nice place to grab a meal and a good cup of coffee. My overall experience was good.

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