Bacolod's Famous Kansi Recipe

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Bacolodnons from all walks of life love a good kansi, regardless of the weather and time of the day. That is why kansi houses or restaurants that serve kansi are always buzzling with customer.

Learn How to Cook Bacolod's Famous Kansi

But you can also enjoy Kansi at home with your family at any day. Why not try cook this hearty dish? It is very easy. 

One important note though…kansi calls for batuan which may not be available in other places. Though this is the best souring agent for this recipe, if you can’t find it you can use either kamias (iba) or sampalok
On the other hand, the atsuete is responsible for the tinge of yellow or orange in the soup, it has a mild aroma. Sometimes, I skip it. But it would not be the Kansi that most of us know without that orange color, right. 

If you are in a pinch, use a pressure cooker. But if you have time to spare you can cook this in a large pot over uling (charcoal). Well, of course, you can use your LPG stove or induction stove, but the time it takes to make the meat tender can put a toll on your “gasul” (LPG) or electricity bill.

So let’s get right to it.

  • 1 Kg Beef Shank with bone marrow
  • Batuan, Kamias or Sampalok
  • Langka, or green jackfruit
  • Tanglad or lemon grass
  • 1 head of Garlic crushed
  • Sili (Chili)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Atsuete
Cooking Instructions:
  • In the pot, brown garlic and set most of it aside. Then add, beef shank and brown the sides. Then add just enough water to cover all the meat.
  • If you are using a pressure cooker, cover and cook for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, carefully, open your pressure cooker (please follow the right way of using the pressure cooker, which I am no longer going to discuss here.)
  • If you are using just a regular pot, again, the meat will take a longer time before it becomes very tender. Do not stir the meat to much or the bone marrow will fall off, melt and disappear in the soup.
  • Scrape the scum off the sides of your pot and those that are floating in the soup. Then add lemon grass and batuan or whatever souring agent you have available.
  • Soak the annatto seeds in hot water to bring out the coloring. Meanwhile add langka and sili. Sili is optional.
  • When the langka is soft and the meat is very tender and the flavors of the lemon grass and the batuan have come together with the flavors of the garlic and the meat,add the water where the annatto seeds was soaked in. You might want to use a strainer so none of the seeds will get in the soup.
  • Season with salt and pepper.
  • Serve with steamed rice and fried garlic.
Did you try the recipe? We would love to hear from you.

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