Get Ready for Boracay

8:52 PM

Hello, there. It is going to a great adventure...

Miss Piaya and the whole family are going to Boracay, Philippines next month. So Piaya Diary the will turn the spotlight to Boracay Madness for the month of March. It is going to be a really, really fun vacation. But, of course, plenty of preparations must be made before the big weekend.
Over the few weeks, expect to see lots of articles about planning and taking a vacation in Boracay. But don’t worry, even if you are planning to go to a different destination you will still get helpful tips from these articles.

Expect to learn about:

  • Ways to get yourself to that amazing Boracay island
  • How to save money in Boracay
  • Where to Stay
  • Where to eat esp. where you are on a budget
  • Fun activities to do
  • Things to do with a special someone
  • Things to do with the who family
  • The best places to party
  • The best places to relax
  • How to maximize your Boracay vacation without hurting your budget.
  • What to do and not to do when in Boracay
  • Where to experience the best sunset or sunrise
  • And a whole lot more…

And of course you will soon find a printable vacation checklist from me which I am currently creating and designing. I will find for you the best makeup that can withstand the humidity and the water, come up with a stand out OOTD. Best of all, I will hunt for the best sunscreen. 

Basically, I will come up with all the tips and tricks to make sure your Boracay adventure is going to be a blast. And once we are there, we will send you more and more updates and pictures of the beautiful island.

Life is going to be a beach and any comments, suggestions and questions from you are welcome!

In the meantime, these crystal blue earrings may just be perfect for the "island look"

Stay tuned and happy reading!

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