Firmoo Eyeglasses Combines Style and Affordability

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Wearing contact lens was fun and I experimented a lot with different colors until I got my first pair of Firmoo eyeglasses.

 As I have mentioned long ago, I used to love wearing contact lenses especially the colored ones. I did not like the “geeky” feeling you get while wearing eyeglasses. So, wearing contact lens was fun and I experimented a lot with different colors.

But, they aren’t always convenient. You have to clean them every, and if you wear makeup, you have to take it out at after a few hours or every day for the sake of hygiene. And when the lenses are out of your eyes, of course, you need to go back to wearing glasses.

This means, you still need to have a nice pair of glasses. And even if you desire to only wear them occasionally, they still need to be:
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easily go with your outfit (remember: in case of emergencies)

And again, because I wanted to wear them only occasionally, it totally makes sense that a pair be affordable. So I came across Firmoo Global Online Optical Store and I was amazed at how affordable the glasses are. But as a fan of contact lenses, I was hesitant to register and order. 

After weeks of careful thinking, I went for my first free pair of Firmoo eyeglasses (a privilege the company gives to its new members) and paid only shipping the shipping fee, which, was reasonable.  I waited 2 weeks for it to arrive, (which is about the same time it takes to get glasses from my doctor).  After opening that neat little package I was really surprised at how well that pair of glasses was crafted. 

Firmoo Eyeglasses
For my first pair, I chose Unisex
frame #CP6120 in black and white

The frame was of great quality and the prescription was great...Exactly as I had specified.  The frame was sturdy. I found it a little big for my face and nerdy but it was trendy and it was great.  Voila!  I loved it.  Since then, I have been wearing glasses now more frequently than I used to wear contact lenses.

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And last year, I bought another pair from them and for the second time, Firmoo exceeded my expectations. I love their styles. And best of all, they offer glasses at very low, low prices. 
Firmoo Eyeglasses

This one is #D65116  in black

I keep going back to their website for new styles and I am now I am choosing my third. Surely you can find a style that will suit you and to help your out, you can virtually try different styles from the comfort of your home. 

Get your first pair from Firmoo now Click on the banner below .

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