Eyeshadow: Make It Last All Day

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Eye Shadow: Make It Last All Day
Eyeshadow creasing is every makeup lover’s nightmare. There are also times when going to the comfort room to retouch your eyelids is impossible. The good news is that there are five practical tricks to help make your eye makeup last longer—even last the whole day. You do not even have to be a makeup expert to be able to do this.
    1. Start with clean face
More specifically, start with clean and oil free eyelids. The makeup will not apply evenly, more so stay on, if you apply it on oily lids. If it is not possible to wash your face at that particular moment try to blot excess oil with a blotting paper or tissue. Just make sure that the eyelids and the area around your eyes are clean before putting makeup on.

     2. Use a primer
Invest in a good primer. A face primer should do, but it is better to use an eye primer. This product will prep or smooth your eyelids so the eyeshadow will glide easily and adhere better without creasing. There are certain brands of this product that are affordable. Remember to allow the product to dry before applying your eye makeup.

3. Do not skip the concealer
This product will brighten up your eyes and will allow the color to stand out. As a bonus it will keep the makeup in place, making it last longer during the day.

4. Cream shadow
Try applying cream shadow instead of your traditional eyeshadow palettes. Start with a cream eyeshadow and use as a base. Then put the powder shadow over it. Not only does the cream shadow make the eye makeup last longer, it will also make the color pop.

5. Setting spray
This is optional but if you really want your eyeshadow to stay put all day then this is an important step. This product seals it all in place.

There you have it. If you have tried any of these steps, I would love to hear from you. Or if you have any suggestions or anything to add on this list, you can send me an email.

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