D-I-Y Crystal Bead Hoop Earrings

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 Make this sparkling crystal bead hoop earrings with memory wire...

Hoop Earrings

Here is another D-I-Y tutorial. This time, it’s a pair of bead hoop earrings. It is super easy to make. This pair easily goes well with casual white outfit. Made with sparkly blue crystal beads, this earring can polish your looks instantly, whether you are in a dress or in jeans.

Crystal Bead Hoop EarringsHere are the materials that I used in this project:

4mm round blue crystal beads
2 pairs of earrings hooks
Memory wire

The only tools that you will need is a round nose jewelry pliers and jewelry wire cutter and anything round that you can use to shape the wire with.

Warning: Memory wire is not as pliable as regular wire because it has a harder temper that helps it remember its shape, thus the name. Be extra careful when cutting or shaping this wire because it springs back with quite some force

Step 1. I shaped the wire using a nail polish bottle that is about 1 inch in diameter. Giving each end no more than 1 centimeter of allowance, cut the wire.

Step 2. Then bend the ends into an angle at the part where the two ends are supposed to meet to form the circle.

Step 3. Using the round nose pliers form a small loop at one of the ends. Cut the extra wire if necessary.

Step 4. Slip 16 beads through the wire and create a loop at the other end. Do not close the 2nd loop yet.

Step 5. Bend the loops as shown in the picture and slip one loop around the base of the other. Secure the loops.

Step 6. Attach the beaded circle to the earring hooks. Make the other piece.

This is an amazing addition to my handmade jewelry collection. I finished a pair or hoop earrings in less than an hour. Again, experiment with different kinds of beads, colors or combination. The size of the circle is also completely up to you.

For more easy D-I-Y jewelry ideas, visit my page regularly or follow me :)

Did your try making one yourself? Got a tip to share. You are welcome to comment below.

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