Crab in Spy Coconut Milk Recipe

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Learn this amazing crab recipe today!

Crabs are good sources of many vitamins and minerals and of course protein. If you want something more than the usual steamed crab recipe, you would definitely love to try this crab recipe.

First of all, I must apologize that I don't have the photo of the dish after cooking. It was so good--we went right to gobbling it without first taking a pictures. But I do have all the steps.

Before that, here are the ingredients. First of all, you need crabs. Any kind of crab would be fine. I personally prefer the female crabs because of their fat, locally called aligue--but forget this if you have high blood pressure. 

Quick tip: How do you you know that it  is a female crab. The underside of the female crab has a wider flap, some people call it "apron," than the male crab. And when buying crab make sure that they are heavy with rougher shells--this tells you that the crab is not in its molting phase.

Moving on, you will need coconut milk (gata). Its that you get it fresh from the wet market. However, the one that comes in a can from a supermarket is okay, but I only used half a can because it was so thick.

This crab recipe is spicy, garlicky and sweet with the aromatic scent of ginger. Garlic always goes well with seafood. Then the sweetness comes from orange soda. Here we either use Royal True Orange or Mirinda. If you live somewhere else, you can use a can of any orange soda, as long as it is not a mix of another flavor.

Let's get right to cooking now, shall we?

1 K crab
1 bulb of garlic, minced or sliced or crushed (it is up to you)
1 Tbs of sliced ginger
1 bottle (8 oz) of Royal True Orange 
Chili Flakes


  • Wash the crabs. If they are still live, put them in a basin with water or just wash them to get rid of the dirt.
    Crab Recipe
  • When the crabs are already clean, transfer them to a large pot that you can cover during the cooking process. Add just a little water.
    Crab Recipe
  • Add salt.
  • Add the orange soda
    Crab Recipe
  • Add garlic, sliced ginger and chili flakes
    Crab Recipe
  • Cover the pot and bring to boil, cook the crabs for 15 minutes and then add coconut milk. In the absence of fresh coconut milk, I used the canned one. However this one is so thick, i only used half of the the can.
    Coconut Milk for crab recipe
  • simmer for 5-10 more minutes or until most of the liquid is gone. but do not cook the crabs for more than 30 minutes. 

There you have it. Serve with steamed rice. Enjoy!

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