Lip Makeup: When to Throw Away

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Lip Makeup
Lip makeup such as lipstick must be thrown away after 2 years or less

Lip makeup such as lip balm, lip liners, lip gloss, lipstick, lip stain and etc. are important to many women. More often than not, a woman’s bathroom or vanity kit contains at least one or two tubes of lip product that has been there for an awfully long time. These beauty products may be hard to throw away because women have spent big bucks on them but keeping these products beyond recommended shelf life is actually bad.

Why toss away Lip makeup after some time?

A number of lip products contain a certain amount of water or anything liquid in nature that eventually becomes a breeding ground for bacteria typically transferred from a woman’s lips with every use. Even if a lipstick is rarely used, it may catch bacteria just by being exposed to air. Bacteria alone should be enough as a reason to convince someone to either use a lip gloss to the last drop before expiration or simply toss it after some time.
Additionally, changes in temperature can eventually change the texture, consistency lip products. Thus after some time a lipstick, for example, may not feel as creamy as it was back when it was new. Also, some of them might feel sticky, hard to apply, glides unevenly on the lips or feels unusual.  

When to dispose of?

According to Good Housekeeping, long-wearing lip products may have a shorter lifespan than other products because they typically contain ingredients that evaporate faster. For products like this that dry out with age, they must be discarded when obviously it’s already hard and crusty to apply on the lips. Nevertheless, the general rule is to give lipstick and gloss a maximum of two years and lip liners about two years or more.

Quick Tip: Perhaps the best rule is that when the lip product already has a funny smell or smells differently than it used to be—or it smells like rotten fruit—it’s obviously time to say good bye.

Lip products are fun, but they won’t be when they are expired, dried out or brooding with bacteria. So buy only the lip makeup that you can use to the last drop in the shortest time possible or toss away if necessary.

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