BAD HAIR DAY! TRY THIS: Instant Waves!

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To all the beautiful ladies out there...Correct me if I am wrong but at least once is our lives, we experience what we call a "bad hair day" and I don't think there is one single female immune to this.  And waking up and finding yourself not having the best mane for some reason is a real nightmare.

Here is one recommended technique to fight a bad hair day and there are only 3 steps...Yes, three steps to help fix a bad hair day. Here, all you will need are your trusty hair straightening iron and a couple of hair ties--best that they are heat resistant or just keep them away from heat.

Update: Me, I wish I revisited this article before i decided to cut my hair. Getting a super short bob was the worst mistake I every did last year and now I am using olive oil like crazy to make my hair grow faster. Hope it works. If it does not, well, at least it makes my hair super soft.

So please, before you cut your hair just because you are having a bad day, try a different hairstyle first. I am not saying a short bob is not nice. Many of my friends think it looks OK on me. But I miss my once very long hair. Here is one easy method to deal with it a bad hair day. Waves on your hair are cool, so:

BAD HAIR DAY! TRY THIS: Instant Waves!

Step 1: Divide the hair into two sections and braid it.
Step 2. Run a straightening iron down the braid.
Step 3. Un-braid. Scrunch and you are good to go.
Bad Hair Day. Instant Waves
DIY Hair
Feel free to comment or share your techniques in the comment section below:

On the other hand, for those who have already chopped away those lush locks, there are ways to care for short hair.

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